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Internship Experience: NLSIU Bangalore’s Advanced Centre on Cyber Law and Forensics

Name and College:

Devrupa Rakshit, NUJS, 3rd Year

Name of Organisation:

Advanced Centre on Cyber Law and Forensics, NLSIU, Bangalore.

Application Process:

I dropped an e-mail comprising my Curriculum Vitae and a Cover Letter.

In my mail, I specified that the subject I would like to work upon during my Research Internship would be ‘Cyber Laws’.

Within about a week, I got a confirmation and I was directed to contact Dr Nagarathna (Senior Assistant Professor of Law and Chief Investigator at the Advanced Centre on Cyber Law and Forensics), under whom I subsequently interned.

Duration of internship and timings

3 weeks.

It was a relaxed job. I was allowed to choose whether I wanted to work from the Library, or sit in a cubicle and do my research at the terminal installed therein, as long as I kept following up with Dr Nagarathna and met her every once in a while.

First day formalities:

On my first day, the work was assigned to me by Mr Prashanth Desai, who was the Research Associate of the centre. There were no formalities as such.

I simply met up with Mr Desai to discuss my task for the day, and left to go back to the Library after he clarified my doubts.

Work environment:

There were not many people that I had to interact with in course of the internship, and most of my interactions were limited only to Dr Nagarathna and Mr Prashanth Desai.

But, there were friendly faces all around ready to help me out at any given instant. Sometimes, I didn’t even need to ask.

Also, being a the premier law school of the country, the environment there is extremely conducive to research work.

Best things:

The accommodation provided by the University in the PG Hostels located within the campus was truly the best thing!

Firstly, no travel costs, and on top of that, I loved the mess food too.

And, since canteens are open there till midnight, laying your hands on food at almost any hour of the day is never a problem. And, all of this was so damn cheap.

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