Internship Experience @ National Green Tribunal, Bhopal: Learned to Interact with People

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National Green Tribunal, Central Zonal Bench, Bhopal

Application Process

One need to apply almost a month before the internship through a written application specifying proposed duration (subject to changes made by them), photocopy of college id, two passport sized photographs and most importantly a letter of recommendation signed by Registrar.

Duration of internship and timings

18th December, 2014 – 9th January, 2015

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

“NGT?” “Third floor” As the doors of the lift opened I was flabbergasted. Such well maintained office with amazing discipline. Justifying the name Green in NGT with so many plants.

I was asked to meet the Registrar, Mr. Mohan Tiwari who briefed me about my work. He instructed me to form a group and see him after the court proceedings for the allotment of project topic. We were a group of 5 and were assigned a prominent case of the city.

Main tasks

Our main task was to prepare a project or rather a report on the case assigned to us. A lot of empirical research was required so as to put forward actual data.We had to conduct survey and interview lot of people for which we were given an official letter instructing the interviewee to corporate with us.

After preparing the project we were dictated to present it in front Justice Shri Dalip Singh, Mr. Mohan Tiwari, a few senior judges and advocates and other interns. Besides this, we were mandated to attend the court proceedings daily and were sporadically questioned about it.

Work environment and people

The work environment was genuinely comforting and very calming. When I looked around I used to feel that I am working in Judicial Office, all properly dressed in an upright posture, confidently energizing the whole place.

The place had a very enlightening culture where you cannot sit at one place all by yourself, you had to meet other people. People do not avoid you, rather they look forward towards meeting you.

*Do not forget to take a photograph.

Best things

Definitely the culture. Dress code was specified on the first day, one cannot roam around in jeans and a casual t-shirt. It had a very courtly ambience, but wasn’t boring. Justice Shri Dalip Singh had a great sense of humor and some proceedings turned out to be really hilariously.

The place has an impressive library with a collection of significant cases, which can be accessed after due permission.

A special mention to the air conditioning system. It was soothing. A perfect government office to intern during summer.

Moreover one has a profound opportunity of meeting new people and making some great contacts.

Bad things

Honestly I did not observe anything that was bad or untoward. Though they were a little strict but that much strictness was well justified and reasonable so as to control so many interns.


No stipend

Biggest Lessons

I was quite uncomfortable in meeting new people, loved to live in my cocoon. But this place remodeled me not entirely but to a great extend. Interacting with new people wasn’t a task anymore.

I felt sense of power. Wherever we used to go for survey or interview in formals and with that official letter, people started panicking. We were offered tea, coffee and were requested not to mention anything inappropriate about them.

Any Other Thing

We even helped an innocent vulnerable man, whose business was illegitimately shut- down 6 years ago.

We emphasized about him during our presentation. As a result he was contacted by many judicial officers who offered a helping hand.

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