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Internship Experience @ National Commission for Women, New Delhi: Draft Notices, Reply to UN Authorities, Lots of Work

By: User Submitted | June 6, 2016
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Geetanjali Gupta

Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

National Commission for Women, New Delhi, 9

Application Process

Through personal approach.

Address: National Commission for Women, Deendayal Upadhyay Marg, New Delhi 110002

Duration of internship and timings

21st May, 2015- 30th June,2015

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

First day when I made my walk towards National commission for Women (NCW) I was very much confident,serious and a bit nervous too. I had a talk with the receptionist and directed me to meet the Law officer Adv. Sudha Chandran. I was in semi formals as Delhi was too hot to undergo with my blazer.

I always advice my friends to carry their school days etiquettes as it really lifts your impression. It has a large infrastructure which is going to get changed very sooner to the another building called Nirbhaya bhawan.

Main tasks

Basically I was working in Legal department which essentially deals with all the legal proceedings after any grievance is filed online or offline. where my team used to decide that what primarily can be done and how to look forward about it.

I was directly working under NCW’S Law officer who principally use to delegate you with matters like Dowry, Sexual Harassment, Prostitution which are incredibly out of the box when you go across those files and I assure you that you really come across different sphere.

They ask you to draft notices, reply to UN authorities, briefing, formatting Legal Awareness Programmes (LAP) and at large to study the case files and a very good discussion was held.

Work environment and people

Well I very much appreciate my department. It was so rejoicing we had a very good team of 9 people which was very rejoicing and we all were from different colleges like CNLU Patna, Amity Noida, Symbiosis Noida. We always use to have a good debate and argumentation.

Work environment is very breezy and the in-charge of my department Naheed mam was so calm and composed that she never use to scold us at times and use to delegate us very advantageous work.

Best things

If at all I have to say what is best then I will surely assert the type of cases through which I have across especially Primogeniture and the intensity of Surrogacy. And the Department in which I was working used to be very Lively and cheerful so you never feel like bored and down. the types of cases filed and grieves never puts down your enthusiasm.

Bad things

This wasn’t expected and was a bit distress to me that eating facilities are not that well. No proper canteen is there.

You have to go out of the compound where not much varieties are there except dosa, idli, chole and samosas. If you walk like 15-20 mins you will find MacDonald and some small road side foods.


No stipend

Biggest Lessons

I had a golden opportunity to meet and interview our Chairperson Lalitha Kumaramangalam, a fabulous person. She comes to a very ground level to master your thoughts and flourishes your rationality.

Any Other Thing

The best part was where all the interns got a magnificent opportunity to meet Indias first visually impaired IFS officer Beno Zephine from Tamil Nadu where all of us learnt substantial lessons for our life to excel in our goals where we are blessed with every thing.

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