Internship Experience @ National Commission for Women, Delhi: Good Library, Lots of Work

Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Ankit Parmar, National Law University Odisha, 2nd YEAR,

Name of Organisation, Location, Team Strength

National Commission for Women, Delhi, 25-30

Application Process

To apply for internship we have to mail your updated resume to National Commission for Women through an e-mail:

Many students came personally to head office to apply for internship and they were selected.

If you know any student who has done intern in NCW, Delhi then you can surely tell him, he will make sure that you are interning in NCW, Delhi.

Duration of internship and timings

I interned in NCW, Delhi for 4 weeks and there was off on Saturday and Sunday for interns.

Timing of a internship was 10:30 am – 4:30 pm.

But most of the students did not come after the lunch i.e. 2:00 pm.

We get a 1 hour lunch.

Some interns were also on Saturday called by the coordinator if they have good amount of workload.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

On first day I was dressed in formal dress to make a good impression but truly it doesn’t matter at all.

No one sees your dress.

When I walked inside the National Commission for Women I found many complainants were sitting and waiting for their turn.

Good infrastructure.

First day get it confirm your internship period by your cell coordinator.

First you get NCW Manual to read.

Main tasks

There were lots of tasks to be done by you in your cell because the coordinator wants to be free.

He gives all his office work to you and will command.

1. Going through the case files and drafting the desired letter seeking Action Taken Report

2. Prepared NRI Cell Cases, reminder letters and agendas

3. Attended the Commission hearing.

4. Make phone calls to respective Police Officials like the Superintendent of Police, Assistant Superintendent of Police to get information on the pending ATRs.

5. Help the coordinator in every possible way.

Work environment and people

People in National Commission for Women Delhi are not much friendly.

The work environment of the office was decent.

Some people were loose after lunch.

Cell coordinators work hard for the complaints.

There were lots of work to complaint cell.

Photocopy Persons were much friendly than other employees and interns.

There were lots of small canteens near NCW delhi in which we used to get samosa, bread pakoda and maggi.

But you can walk 800 m from NCW then you can find more to eat including lunch.

Best things

Cannaught Palace was near.

Coordinators were helpful as if we get any problem and we are not able to go to NCW then they put present on the attendance sheet.

Metro Station was very near.

Library of NCW was very good.

Every and everyday newspapers were always available in the library.

All the bare acts related to Women’s Act.

The complaint of any complainant was registered very fast and work was started as sson as possible.

The old files were also very well maintained by the employees.

Bad things

Lots of Work. and lots of work.


No Stipend

Biggest Lessons

I have learn to talk to Police officials about complaint and complainant. I have drafted around 80 letters to Embassies regarding complaint. Listen to the complainants. Try to read them ow much are speaking truth and how much lie.

I came to know the process and procedure followed by the NGOs. Learn a lot of things with many employees sitting around them.

Any Other Thing

Delhi is awesome.

CP is great, a place for chilling oout. Interning in NCW Delhi doesn’t feel like a pressure.

At the end it was a good intern with lots of things which I learned.

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