Internship Experience @ Nanavati & Associates, Ahmedabad

Name of Organisation, Location, Team Strength

Nanavati & Associates, Ahmedabad.

Application Process

I called the office of Nanavati & Associates and they got back to me within a week’s time confirming my internship.

I then called Advocate Devang S. Nanavati, head of Nanvati associates and a BJP leader, and inquired of a suitable time to meet him in this regard. He asked me to start my internship from the coming week itself if I could, and I did.

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Contact no. of the office- 07926841602.

Duration of internship and timings

My internship lasted for a month, in the month of Dec. I was required to be there at 10 am and I normally went directly to the Gujarat High court.

I returned to the office in the evening and stayed there till I could find some work for myself- 8, 7 or maybe even 6 pm sometimes. It was that varied.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

On the first day, I entered in a very beautifully furnished office, enough to excite my heartbeats.

I met Mr. Devang S. Nanavati who introduced my the working style of the office and to other associates.

He asked to work under Ms. Prachiti, who was very welcoming. I started working on a project with her from the first day.

Main tasks

Call it my hard luck, Ms. Prachiti had an urgent family issue and took a leave from the very next day that I arrived. I hence started working with her juniors instead of changing to another associate.

If I could have gathered some strength and asked Sir to move me another associate, the entire experience of working with Nanavati & associates would definitely have been better. Nonetheless, I am not saying I learnt nothing.

My main task included researching. The first week was spent only reading files and understanding how a case is dealt with and gradually I started assisting the juniors with research work.

I did, however, from time to time, carry out research for other associates too. And that’s when I realized working under them for the entire month would have been a little more fruitful.

Work environment and people

The work environment at Nanavati & Associates was very chilled out. The associates and the juniors were all very helpful whenever I went with a query to them. I did not have to shy away from asking anything to them, however stupid I looked.

At once instance, I went to an associate handling criminal cases and asked him, rather vaguely, how he went about drafting and dealing with a criminal case (Yes, I did! That vague a question.)

But little did he frown or show any sign of displeasure in explaining it to me. He went a step ahead and marked for me all the provisions from CrPC that I couldn’t afford not knowing. (CrPC was not a subject to me then. It still isn’t.)

Best things

The work environment. You could actually gain a lot if you happened to meet the right kind of people.

Bad things

If you land up working with not-the-right kind of people, you’d end up being on facebook for most part of your internship.


No stipend was given.

Biggest Lessons

I learnt to be honest with what I know and what I didn’t. If I do not know something that I’m asked to do it’s a waste of time for me and for them, both.

It’s advisable to come direct with the associates and ask them for some guidance on how to go about accomplishing the task. It’s always better and doesn’t cost you a thing. You’re anyway not supposed to know any and every thing.

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