Internship Experience @ Mohan Parasaran, Delhi: Lessons on Professionalism, Punctuality and Discipline

Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

Office of Solicitor General of India, Mohan Parasaran

Application Process with contact details

I sent a mail to his P.A.; but since he no longer is Solicitor General, I fear the email is no longer functional.

The id on which I mailed is: mohan[dot][email protected][dot]com

Editor’s note: Please do NOT email your CVs en masse to the above email ID. First, please check if you want to intern with a lawyer. Then email a customized CV and cover letter.

Duration of internship and timings

15th October 2013 to 15th November 2013

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

The first impression was grandiloquent, talks about Black money matters, and ONGC gas price case created an excitement , which would keep me going for rest of the month.

I met his juniors, who were very humble and hard working, and always kept piling me with research work.

Main tasks

A large part of day was utilized observing the proceedings of the court, it never became boring because I got to hear advocates like Mr. Harish Salve and Mr. Ram Jethmalani.

My responsibility was limited to assisting his juniors in research work.

Work environment and people

It was a friendly work environment.

Although from the position it would appear to any intern that it will be really formal but once in a while there were discussions, I could ask questions as to how and when.

The associates were friendly to an extent they would even share their food with you 😛

Best things

There were various good things that keeps you going for a month long internship.

You get to work on some of the best cases going on in the Supreme Court.

You get to access all sorts of books in Sirs library and the office was in GK so long breaks could be spent really really well!

Bad things

The only sad part is that you are treated like an intern and not entrusted with substantial amount of work.


No stipend

Biggest Lessons

Some of my favorite lessons involved ‘professionalism’ ‘punctuality’ and ‘discipline’.

You totally feel the professional conduct of every one reporting sharp at 9 am to the court and reaching the office at 5pm. Even the simplest of drafts has to be perfect and the amount of research is tremendous.

Even after all this, everyone is always in a jolly mood.

Any Other Thing

Please do try. I am sure the experience will be worth more than interning under any judge.


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