Internship Experience @ MMB Legal, Bangalore : “Learnt more in 25 days than a year of law school”, No Stipend

Name of the intern: Suprotik Das. Jindal Global Law School. 2nd Year.

Place of internship: MMB Legal. Bangalore.

Duration/Timings: 25 days. Work was from Monday to Friday, 5 days a week from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM.

Location/Team Size: The office was a house with 2 floors converted into a law office. The first floor consisted of 2 large, well equipped conference rooms for clients, a billiards table (an English table I believe), a mini golf mat and a store-room. The second floor has the attorneys’ desks, a pantry and a conference room. The team strength is 11 with 10 being advocates and 1 partner.

Application process: Application is very simple, one just has to email them expressing interest. It’s preferable that you attach your resume to the email.

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One important thing to note here is that they take only 4th or 5th year law students but they make exceptions in certain cases, as they had for me. Also, it’s better if you apply quickly if you want to intern here as they take only one intern a month and their slots are usually booked for 3-4 months.

First impression: The first impression you get about the firm is that it is compact but it is a very well-known and highly recommended firm. They take their work seriously and their free time, jovially. I met the firm’s partner, Mr. Mahesh first and as I wished him good morning, the first thing he said to me was “No Sir, No Mr., just call me Mahesh.

I was taken aback. I then met Aparna Nair, who was in charge of the interns. She took me around, introduced me to everybody and in turn I had to introduce myself.

I was assigned to sit in one of their conference rooms. I was given a good Lenovo laptop and strictly told that whatever work I do, is to be done only on the laptop. I had to wait for about 30 minutes to get some work but the high speed internet helped me with the wait.

Main tasks:

My work over here involved researching and assisting advocates with their practice in fields like –

1. Corporate and company laws.

2. Contract law (understanding drafting procedures, general research)

3. Environment and wildlife protection laws.

4. Media and entertainment law.

5.Real estate and land laws.

6. Employment laws.

I also had to do a presentation on the topic “Bitcoins: Concept, use and conflict with the law”.

Work environment:

The work environment is professional, with a human touch to it. I was given very practical work and realistic targets and dates to submit them by. The advocates are extremely helpful and they make an effort to see that you learn something at the end of each day and they go out of their way to help you if you need something or do not know something.

Best things:

1. Being given a laptop with a good configuration.

2. Assigned to sit in the conference room which has an AC, loads of books, comfortable chairs.

3. Playing pool, billiards, snooker with the advocates regularly each day.

4. You are not questioned when and where you go, if at all you need to go out.

5. Coffee breaks and lunch. Everyone dines with each other during lunch hour. It is a really nice atmosphere, they do not discuss work at the lunch table.

6. At the end of my internship, I was gifted a book where everyone had signed and written a small message.

7. The work was not over burdening.

8. You had access to online resources like Manupatra.

9. You could ask for anything to drink during the coffee breaks.

10. The firm would compensate you for food but for a limited amount.

11. The advocates take an interest in seeing to it that you as an intern develop holistically.

12. They do not let interns attend client meetings or know client names for confidentiality issues. I wanted to see how a client meeting is conducted in reality.

13. The firm was situated in Koramangala, it’s a pretty bustling part of the city. Sometimes, I would spend my time reading articles on the web, surfing through random websites, Facebook ofc ourse.

I would go on walks, the place around had some nice, quiet roads. Music via was always on. I played billiards and mini-golf with the advocates.

Also, sometimes, I would meet my friends for lunch outside the office.

15. No stipend. I felt the experience was richer than gold.

Internship certificate: The certificate is printed on the firm’s letterhead and contains all the work one does there. A day before my last day, Aparna had asked me to list out all the work I had done and she sent out a mail verifying it with each of the advocates there and after this, she included it in the certificate.

The certificate is then signed and stamped by Mahesh, signifying that I had successfully completed my internship. Rest assured, you don’t have to go begging anyone for an internship certificate.

Other things: I learnt the practical application of the law in the corporate world. Infact, I learnt more in 25 days than what a year at law school had taught me. There is a brilliant work culture, the work is great and comprehensive and interns are treated like full time attorneys.

Parting quote: If Buddha attained enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree, then MMB Legal is my Bodhi Tree but I am certainly no Buddha. I’m just your regular shirt and trouser clad intern with a thirst for knowledge and curiosity about the law which was quenched by MMB Legal.

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