Internship Experience @ Mehta Chambers Jodhpur: Great learning experience, cooperative colleagues


Shubham Modi

Name of the Organization

Mehta Chambers Jodhpur

About the Organization

Mehta Chambers Jodhpur was established in the year 1950 by Sr. Advocate Lekh Raj Mehta.

I have been a regular intern since July 2012 till today at Mehta Chambers, Jodhpur under Sr. Advocates Lekh Raj Mehta and Ramit Mehta advocates at Rajasthan High Court.

Work done

I have worked mainly on the matters relating to Direct and Indirect Taxes and Corporate Laws, Revenue Matters, Land Tax, Civil & Criminal, Constitutional, Consumer Protection, Contract, Wills, Writs, Divorce etc.

I have also regularly attended court proceedings in the High Court of Rajasthan at Jodhpur and District court at Jodhpur. I also worked in Sir’s office and assisted seniors in preparing case notes and in doing research work.

Work environment

Working under learned Advocates was thoroughly a great learning experience. In the beginning I was given a brief introduction about the working of the Office which was followed by the brief introduction of the Constitution of India.

Discussion on the various Parts of the Constitution was held which made the topic simpler for me. Also various books were suggested to me on commentaries on Constitution of India.

Discussion on the various topics of interests on law were also discussed and I was also told about the relevance of all the topics in the present scenario of the society and in near future.

The discussion also comprised of the hierarchy of the Courts. The history of the hierarchy of the Courts and their importance was also included in the discussion. Then there was a brief introduction of the Manual Scavenging in India.

Also this was given as the research project to me to find out and gain more knowledge about it. Manual scavenging, considered being the most dehumanizing and inhuman face of today’s scenario, refers to the practice of removing human excreta with hands by people and carrying the loads on their head, hips or shoulders.

The carrying of human excreta on the head is thee abiding image of manual scavenger.

After this I was suppose to write an article on the Judicial Activism in India.

Best Experience

To count upon experiences that I had while working in this office are of great worth. Firstly interning under such renowned advocates is a great and enriching experience.

The support, motivation, knowledge, encouragement which one gets by my Mentors is great and to be remembered throughout my life.

Their constant support and guidance not only helped me in doing well in internship but also in my academics and other curricular activities.

The friendly and co-operative nature of colleagues is another best feature of this office. It does not only help in adding up your internship or academic goals but also in the aspects that we exercise in our day-today life.

This internship project not only helps in gaining theoretical knowledge but also helps in gaining practical knowledge.

Any other thing

In continuation of this internship, I take an opportunity of expressing my deepest gratitude to Sr. Advocates Lekh Raj Mehta and Ramit Mehta advocates at Rajasthan High Court.

Usefulness of this internship would not be of any help without Sir’s assistance and detailed guidance.

These are the only person’s who enlightened me in this internship project. Sir I am very much thankful to you for your constant guidance and never ending support.

I am also thankful to all my colleagues in helping and guiding me throughout the different phases of internship project.

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