Internship Experience @ MD&T Partners, Bangalore: Corporate Law Work, Went back for another time!

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Name, College & Year

Ananya Banerjee, University of Calcutta (Department of Law), Fifth Year.

Although, when I interned there, I was in my Fourth Year of law school.

Firm Details

MD&T Partners, Bangalore. The Firm is located in North Bangalore at a beautiful and quiet location.

I liked the surroundings so much that when I went back to Bangalore the second time, I stayed at that place.


I went there along with two other friends (seniors, more like friends).

We rented a place at R. T. Nagar, which was only fifteen minutes away from the Firm’s location (and which had the best kebabs of Bangalore).

But one could also stay at the PG’s near the Firm (there are  too many), at Sadashiva Nagar or Malleshwaram.

Since we didn’t have a working kitchen, we had to eat food from outside and because we had a couple of friends there, eating together was fun (and not to mention, we explored all the awesome eating places nearby).

There was no direct bus from our place to the Firm, so we preferred taking autos there.

Duration & Timings

1 Month (March, 2015), Monday through Friday.

The associates are very considerate and they hardly ask interns to work on weekends. The official timing is 9:30-6:30 but if there’s work, one might have to stay back (and I’m sure one wouldn’t mind that, well, I didn’t).

We three were the only interns working there and we went at the right time as multiple transactions were going on in the Firm.

But, before asking us to stay back, the associates made sure that it was not a problem for us to go home late (cool, isn’t it?). One could reach there by 10 as timings are not very strict, but I preferred going there on time every day.

Application Process

I applied through my other friends but one could send a mail to the address given in the website. The application process is simple and you might have to give your introduction before getting selected.

Mostly, students apply there after knowing about the Firm from their seniors (who wouldn’t recommend it after working here?!).


It was the first time for me to go out of the comfort of home and stay in a new city.

But I said yes because of the excitement and because I wanted to have the experience of interning at a firm (and obviously because I had my friends accompanying me there).

But, nonetheless, I was experiencing my fair share of jitters (which I still feel, after having done 7 internships) as it was only my second internship in three and a half years of law school (YES! You read it right!) and the first one in a law firm.

In addition, I also had no idea about Company Law as I was always the one trying to put the bare minimum efforts and we only had Company Law in our Fifth Year.

I still remember asking my seniors to brief me on Company Law on our flight to Bangalore.

First Impression

We had to reach there by 9:30 on our first day and we reached well before 9:15. Since the door was closed, we got a chance to talk to the associates and other staffs who had already arrived.

We also got to meet one of the two partners who introduced us to everyone later that morning and we were asked to wait for a while. They all seemed very friendly and welcoming and finally, I felt a bit relieved.

Later that morning, the senior associate who had accepted our application, came in and after a short introduction, gave us work right away.

On the very first day, we left office late and we knew that we were being taken seriously there, which was a joy (for me at least!).

The Horrible 2 Days

Although it’s true that being taken seriously and being a part of the team right away, was very encouraging, but I DIDN’T KNOW COMPANY LAW and I was working in a corporate law firm which was dealing exclusively with Company Law, not to mention, with both the old and new Companies Act!

The first two days were horrible for me as I messed up big time whenever I was asked something from those two Acts. I remember being wrong thrice for answering a simple question.

It didn’t take much time for me to realize that I was not in a place where I can manage by putting the bare minimum efforts, because I was being asked questions after questions (more so because I was being wrong, repeatedly).

But even after being wrong so many times, I didn’t give up (maybe the story about the spider and Robert Bruce played some part in it, or maybe I’m just trying to sound all philosophical right now by saying that!) I had to saddle up and prepare myself for the rest of the month (what other option did I have? 28 days were left – not just 1 or 2).

So I did. In those 2 days, I read those Acts, I read everything I could find about those Acts and all other laws associated with those Acts. And boy did it help!

Picking up the Pace

I was a different person by my third day. From someone who went there just to see the work culture, I became a serious intern who was eager to work. MD&T had a small team back then, consisting of 4 associates and 3 senior associates.

But each one of them made it easier for us to learn. Whatever we couldn’t understand, they explained and helped us to work in a better way.

There were days when we left office after 12 at night and we didn’t mind (we were tired like hell, but it didn’t matter) at all. We went there to learn and we came back learning how to work.

Main Tasks

As a part of the team, we were actively participating in extensive research work, due diligence processes, drafting and other ancillary works.

I personally had wide exposure to and experience in various corporate and commercial transactions (domestic and international). I also had the experience of reviewing a wide range of contracts across various sectors.

If you intern at MD&T (I’ve interned there twice, by far), you can count on being treated seriously and being given very good quality work (not just research!).


Ah! The environment of MD&T! From eating watermelons with associates, to ordering food for all of us and having a gala time with everyone!

From eating Biryani at 12 at night, to watching world cup semifinals with the Partners, associates, (cold drinks and chips included), we did it all (although, I skipped the cricket part, my co-interns did not)! Despite having to work for long hours, I never felt unproductive at MD&T.

The fact that we hardly ever had any idle time doesn’t mean at all that we didn’t have fun. We did. Just the right amount one needs to feel like working hard spontaneously.

From the support staffs to the partners, everyone there was very friendly. The environment there also helped me to gain wide experience.

The associates there (even the senior associates) would take the time to teach you stuffs you couldn’t possibly learn during your student life. For an intern, what could be more welcoming and comforting?

Lunchtime Fun

Everyone at the Firm has lunch together and the interns are also invited to join them. During lunch, they talk about everything except work. Apart from that, I also used to go out with my co-interns (friends/seniors) to have lunch.

Sadashiva Nagar has too many eating joints and Starbucks is just around the corner. So, it is needless to say that we had enough places to hang out. The lunch break was for an hour and we were insisted to make full use of that time and enjoy ourselves (which we did).

Weekends: After spending the whole week working, we mostly ended up sleeping on weekends. We had planned to go see so many places which didn’t happen.

But we went to Chikballapur one weekend and the place was absolutely beautiful. Grape vines, hills and beautiful sunset – it was an ideal spot for picnic.

The rest of the time we usually hung out with our friends. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the opportunity (time, actually) to explore Bangalore’s famous night life that time.

Best Things

Everything about that internship was good.

The Firm and everyone there, the place where it is situated, Bangalore’s weather (can’t get enough of it!), our friends there (old ones, and the new ones that we made), the life there and the food (I already said, right? The best kebabs of Bangalore!) – Everything was amazing!

But among all these things, I would say that the best thing for me was how I was pushed to the extreme just so I could live up to my abilities. To have people who have that much faith in my abilities helped me motivate myself beyond imagination.

Oh and I almost forgot – the cheque at the end of the internship period – totally unexpected and it felt amazing! We already knew that we’d be rewarded for our efforts but we had no idea that we’d be rewarded so handsomely (What an awesome surprise it was!)!

When we opened the envelope containing the internship certificate and first looked at the cheque, we couldn’t believe our eyes – and then we almost started jumping with joy as all our expenses were covered.


Instead of disclosing the amount here, I’d say the Firm gives stipend depending on the efforts one puts in.

Other things

All in all, the work environment there was so comfortable and I learned so much there that I went back there again in September, 2015. The experience I had there the second time? Well, let’s keep it for another time.

Let’s just end it by saying that if ‘whatever happens, happens for good’, then, interning at MD&T was the best thing that had happened to me in my student life.

The MD & T Partners’ website is here.

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