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Internship Experience @ Mcleod Russel India Limited, Kolkata: Understood the Corporate Culture, Stipend of Rs. 6000


Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

SAPTASHYA ROY CHOWDHURY, School of Law, KIIT University. 2nd Year, 4th Semester

Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

Mcleod Russel India Limited. Four Mango Lane, Surendra Mohan Ghosh Sarani, Kolkata 700001. The Legal and Secretarial Department consisted of 12 people.

Application Process with contact details

As my father himself is in the tea industry and a Director of a Tea company, it was through him I got this internship.

I had to call Mr A. Guha Sarkar, Senior Vice President and Company Secretary to confirm my internship and later on got the official mail from Mr N.K. Dutt who is the Deputy General Manager, Personnel and Administration.

Duration of internship and timings

3 weeks from 20th June 2016 to 8th July 2016.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

I interned in the Legal and Secretarial Department. The office building consists of 9 floors with the Legal Department located on the 7th floor.

The Legal Department consisted of 12 people. The company is a tea producing company and being named as the ‘Largest tea producing company in the world’ under the staunch guidance of the great Mr Brij Mohan Khaitan and Mr Aditya Khaitan.

First day I had to wait in the reception and me being an early bird in all cases, reached office by sharp 9. Mr Guha Sarkar came later on and I was shown my cubicle and then I was introduced to all the members of the team.

Main tasks

The company primarily focuses on company litigation, property matters, SEBI and IPR, so I was happy that I got work based on my interests.

I was made to do research work on Company Law, make summaries of famous and important cases of the company, worked on the NI Act too and helped in working upon the Trademark status of the various names of the tea estates of the company.

Work environment and people

The work environment was brilliant. The office was very spacious. I was given my own cubicle to work and the view from my cubicle was brilliant.

The people there were extremely helpful and very friendly. Guha Sarkar Sir was very helpful in clearing my doubts and so were the others.

Best things

The best things that I can list out are a lot. In the first place, I got work based on my forte as that actually motivates you. Then i can say that the work environment I was subjected to.

The friendly attitude of all the team members really made me feel that I am not an intern there, but a part of the team.

One of the best and also important thing was to understand corporate culture which is for sure mandatory for a healthy survival there.

Bad things

The bad things that I can somehow list is that, there were somedays when there was little work to do.

Those days were tough to pass by. Sometimes the work I got was very monotonous and the interest level went down a little then.


Rs 6000 per month.

Biggest Lessons

The lessons that I learnt here will stay for life long. The key to survive here is team work. Corporates do look great in your CV and this was one corporate house that gave me work which was really based on my interests and wants.

‘Understanding the Corporate culture’, this is what my father has been telling me quite often these days. By interning here, I did get to understand the culture to some extent.


As I am from Kolkata, accommodation was not an issue at all, but there are PGs available at subsidized rates.

Office Timings

Working days were from Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 6.

The timings were very much flexible and relaxed.



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