Internship Experience @ McLeod Russel India Limited, Kolkata: Work with Fun

Intern Details

Akshita Saxena. Symbiosis Law School, Noida 2014-19

Name of the Law Firm

KnT Law Firm, Delhi


4 weeks

How big was the office? Team strength?

Spacious I would say. 5 Associates, 3 Managing Partners.

Application procedure. Internship contact details

Website is HERE.


I interned there 4 weeks. I’m not sure if they are flexible with the internship period. The office works for 6 days a week from 10 am-7 pm. One might have to stay back a little longer at times but it is worth it.


The office is in Bengali Market, walking distance from CP. Self arranged accommodation. Laxmi Nagar area around there could be a convenient option since it is close enough to the office, has metro connectivity and easy and economic accommodation.

Work Environment

The team was very welcoming and enthusiastic. They work there like a family and try their best to make you feel the same. I can’t recall of any formalities that I was supposed to go through except for a very delightful introduction with the team who appeared more than welcoming and always ready to help with any sort of doubts relating to your work.

Main Tasks

The firm is very particular about your growth in each field. They focus not only on comprehensive research and presentation but also on field work, court visits, analysis of any new debate or bill. They encouraged us to make presentations which we could then present before them to enhance our speaking and stage skills. They also give you a ‘decent deadline’ to finish off any assigned task to work upon your punctuality.

The firm basically deals in Media laws and telecom & broadband sector. It is in no manner a monotonous work-work kind of place as people generally think of a Law firm. The place and the team is very friendly, fun to work with people and at the same time are at experts at their work and highly serious about it.

Best Things

Family like environment. Experts of the fields. Work with fun.

Bad Things

Nothing bad at all except that it ended too soon. I would definitely want to intern there again.


I’m not sure of the criteria on which they provide a stipend. Pretty sure though that they observe your efforts to determine it. I got a stipend as a surprise!

Any Other Thing

The firm is at walking distance from CP so you need no other add-on to your chill scenes. I had Co-interns to spend my time with but not to forget that even the Associates are very friendly and up for a chat during the breaks.

I would like to keep the amount confidential to not tie any obligations on the firm for future interns who read this review.

It is a must go to work with law firm. You can literally be fear free from day 1. However, do not take the people there for granted. They are young, friendly people but are experts of their field and very serious about their work. It has been my best internship of the 6 internships that I’ve undertaken.

Biggest Lessons

Hard work and punctuality.


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