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Internship Experience @ Markand Gandhi and Co., Mumbai: Conveyancing and Research Work, Enthusiastic People


Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Nupur Agrawal, Government law college, Third year of five years law course .

Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

Markand Gandhi and co. , Mumbai

Application Process with contact details

You need to apply in the firm on there mail id and you will be called respectively for interview on a particular date taken by any of the partners.

If you qualify for the same then you can join the firm.

Duration of internship and timings

June 20, 2016- July 20, 2016

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

I was on time at sharp 10:30 where I was made to sit on the sofa outside in the reception area. Then I could see the people roaming around with files and I was waiting for my boss(one of the partners of the firm) to come.

After half an hour I was called on the reception and where sir called up and I was told to meet Miss Triveni, one of the associate so that she could explain me the work as sir was in the other branch that day.

Then I was taken inside in a cabin where miss Triveni introduced me with one of the intern and also gave me a case law to read. Then I was given one of the computer to sit n read the case meanwhile other interns entered and made me feel homelike on the very first day.

One of the intern then took me to the whole office n showed me everything n also introduced me to everyone. The office was simple and nice of two floor. All the people there were busy in their respective works.

On the very first day I was also taken to the high court with one of the lawyer and he explained me all the rules and infrastructure of the court. It was really a nice day and got to learn many things from the first day itself.

Then I left the office at 7 after mailing my time sheet which meant I had to mail the work done on that day to the mail id of the firm which was later read by the partners.

Main tasks

The firm mainly dealt with conveyancing. So the main work was to read down the agreements like non disclosure agreement or sales deed and jot down any point which would effect our client.

The firm also prepared the agreements for the clients. Also the cases were fought in the city court, high court for the respective clients. Also I was given lot of research work regarding the case.

Work environment and people

The work environment is fabulous. There is always a sense of joy in working. During work hours you can easily concentrate in your work as everybody understood the importance to remain silent.

Also there were break were you could sit with other people and talk on your cases or any other topics to take their views on the same. The people of the firm are really good and helpful. They are religious towards their duty and responsibility to the firm.

The work environment I experienced was very friendly and you would never be treated like an intern as in a person lower in position. Everyone in the firm was treated with due respect.

Best things

The best thing about the firm was that you can learn lot of things and they are never scarce of work. Their is plenty of work to do which keeps you busy for the whole day and hence you would love to go for work daily.

The people are full of enthusiasm so you don’t feel bored in any time

Bad things

I would nothing bad as such.


No stipend

Biggest Lessons

You need to slog yourself at every point of time. You won’t be spoon feeded so don’t expect anyone to give you the work. You need to ask and grab the opportunity as much as you can.

I have interned at two places so it was really good experience I could take the opportunity to make good contacts. So just use your chance and don’t let it go.

Any Other Thing

One should choose wisely which firm to intern in and then go there and learn things.


Stayed in PG nearby. The office was at Churchgate and my PG was in Marine Lines, so had to take a train from Marine Lines to Churchgate and then walk from Churchgate station to the office.

Office Timings

The official timing was 10:30 to 7:00. Interns were strictly ordered to report at 10:30 in morning and could leave office only after 7:00 and could even stay for long hours if anyone has any work.

We got an official half day on Saturdays and the timings was 11:00 to 5:00.


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