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Internship Experience @ Maharashtra State Commission for Women, Mumbai: Participated in legal counselling of victimised women

Name, College and Year

Amruta Vithal Kharade, Deccan Education Society’s Navalmal Firodia Law College ,Pune-2018

Name of Organisation, Location, city

Maharashtra State For Women Commission located at Gruhnirman Bhavan, Mezanine Floor,  Gandhi Nagar, Bandra(E), Mumbai.

Application Process with Contact details 

You can approach them directly at the address given above Or You can call them on 912226590878/1980/0474/1541/0806/1142/0050/1322.

You will be required to post a letter or an email on [email protected] addressed to the Administrative Officer attached with Recommendation letter from your College and your respective CV.

Duration of Internship and Timings

I interned for 30 days starting from 3rd May to 2nd June. Office timings were from 10.30am to 6.00pm. However, timings were flexible made at due request and at the assertion of the officers present in the office.

First impression, First day formalities, Infrastructure etc.

The staff at the commission is very welcoming and extra-amiable towards the interns. On the very first day I was briefed about the working and the confidentiality clause of the Commission. The office faces huge space crisis, however recently it has installed A/C which makes it kind of compensatory to the issue due to unbearable heat and humid climate in Mumbai.

Main tasks

I got the opportunity to study various laws pertaining to women, their implementation and the complaint redressal mechanism of the commission. I was involved in assisting my seniors into daily legal counselling sessions of victimised women dealing with various arenas of their issues, researching respectively relating to their grievances etc.

I assisted my senior advocate with the PG Portal which is an online complaint redressal mechanism for women. The Commission granted me an opportunity to draft various formal legal letters to different authorities. The seniors helped me to understand in-depth view of the working of the commission under Women and Child Ministry and various other legal doubts. I was also given two projects to do along with which were

  1. Comparing Maharashtra State Commission For Women Act with other State’s Women Commission Act with the aim to empower it more
  2. To note various cases of Police Inaction.

Work environment and people

The Senior Staff was always ready to help me and give out enough knowledge and information. They were very sweet and cordial to include me as a family in all the activities of the Commission. In fact being the only intern for that duration I had enough fun time with my senior advocates and other staff.

The Advocates and Senior Counsellors showed immense trust on me to give away many opportunities to directly address the ladies visiting the Commission.

Bad things

I observed that most of the aggrieved women who came for relief came with the hope of appropriate prosecution and immediate satisfactory justice. However, due to its limited powers according to the act it was difficult to take necessary actions.

Its suggestions and orders were only recommendatory in nature. And also, most of the matters were dismissed on the grounds on being sub-judice.



Overall Rating



I travelled from Navi Mumbai to Bandra by local trains. I had never travelled by local trains at such stretch prior to this internship. It was my honeymoon period discovering the idea of local trains and the entire buzz around it. Hence, I personally found it thrilling; though it may sound absurd to few people.

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