Internship Experience @ Madhya Pradesh State Information Commission, Bhopal (MPSIC): Became a Master of the RTI

Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Manas Bulchandani, Department of Legal Studies & Research, Barkatullah University, Bhopal, III Year

Application Process with contact details

I applied for internship to the MPSIC through an application along with recommendation letter issued by the college and my college ID card.

I submitted above mentioned things to the Law Officer. The application can also be submitted to Upper Secretary of the Commission. The application should be addressed to the Secretary of the MPSIC.

Duration of internship and timings

July 04, 2016 – July 24, 2016 (21 days internship)

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

The building of the MPSIC looks very good and is greenish in colour because the NGT, CZ is located at the top floor of the building. When I went to the place along with my college friends, to make certain queries and to submit application of my internship, I was very much elated because the people including the staff were so kind and helping that I don’t feel bore some and any kind of problem and spent my time very efficiently and effectively.

I began my internship on the very next day of the approval of my submitted application.

Firstly, I was asked to mark my presence in the attendance register and was told to mark daily present there till the period of my internship.

There are 7 Court rooms in the MPSIC. The proceedings at the Court sharply begin at 11:00 AM. I used to visit proceedings of 2 to 3 courts daily. Really, it was a great experience to listen to Chief Information Commissioner and various Information Commissioners under one roof.

I was asked to read Bare Act of RTI-2005 and ask if there is any doubt. I asked doubts from Law Officer, I.C., and C.I.C.

I learnt, practically, how to file an RTI application. The RTI can be filed by ordinary citizen without the requirement of Advocates because procedure of filing RTI and suit in the commission is very easy.

Thus, I did not met advocates here. After, proceedings, I used to ask case file from different stenographers of different ICs and CIC for reading and note-making.

Main tasks

On the very first day I was told about my project report which was to be submitted at the end of the internship. It was basically on “RTI and case laws”.

The project report should be handwritten and should contain the case laws studied in the Commission by intern-doing students.

I learnt filing of RTI application and the whole process. Thereafter, I filed 3 RTI applications at different Government Departments asking some information of my society where I reside.

It was fantastic work because I came to know how to write an RTI application and paying fees for it through different modes.

Really, I experienced the feeling of an aware citizen than a law student.

Work environment and people

The environment of MPSIC is very peaceful and soothing. Till the period of my intern, I daily use to have discussion with my friends and co-interns. Wherever, I found any problem, I approached the authorities who listened and solved my problems.

Not only the staff but even CIC and ICs used to give their attention to intern-doing law students. Really, all were helping,caring and cooperative.

I went on discussion with Shri Gopal Krishna Dandotiya, one of the I.C. of the MPSIC. He told me various new points and gave relevant details of RTI and case laws.

After some days, I had discussion with Mr.K.D.Khan, C.I.C of the MPSIC. He told about RTI and created very clear picture regarding enforcement and effectiveness of RTI. I also met RTI activists and had short discussion with them.

The days spent by me at the Commission are very useful in the career of law because law is something which never remained static . With the theory you should be practical with those theoretical provisions so that law doesn’t remains only the subject but become your life.

Best things

The best thing was good behaviour of C.I.C, I.C.s and staff. I personally met C.I.C and I.C. and had a very good discussion with them regarding RTI and its role in the 21st Century.

Being the Student Reporter of Indian National Bar Association, I took an interview of Mr. Gopal Krishna Dandotiya, I.C. of the MPSIC with his due permission.

There are various nearby places to be visited like DB Mall, District Court, various Tribunals etc.

Bad things

No bad things as such.The place is excellent for the internship.


There is no stipend because here, we attend court proceedings of the commission and not working under any Advocate.

Biggest Lessons

It is a very great place for law students for the internship because not only you learn the procedure but experience the law with your fingers. I must say that a law student should go to depth of each and every provision of law.

I learnt that a person should do something apart from what others do. Build up your identity and dignity.

We should make questions to ourselves so that we can imagine what the scenario was and what was the need of any law at that point. One should introspect oneself and one should wear, eat and drink his subject.

I, personally, experience a lot being at this place. At the last, there is no regret in mind choosing this place for internship.

Give your best because no one can do the best for you than you yourself.

Any Other Thing

Just wanted that a law student should intern once at the MPSIC in his law education so that functioning of RTI should be known to him since every area of law needs experience.


The MPSIC is located at Arera Hills in Bhopal. The place is near to the DB Mall. The NGT, CZ is also located in the same building at 3rd floor.

Thus, there is very easy accommodation because there are various, PG rooms, Hostels, Restaurants, Hotels and various place of recreation near to the commission. There are efficient transport facilities too.

Office Timings

The proceedings at the Commission begins at 11:00 AM. The Commission remains open till 4:00 PM. Interns were advised to go in library to read case files after proceedings.

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