Internship Experience @ Link Legal, Bangalore : Intimidating Environment, No Stipend

Basically survival strategies what you will learn from this internship. That’s a good deal any day, in this fast paced corporate world.

Name of the organisation. City

Link Legal, Bangalore, 12th Main, Palace Road, Vasanth Nagar.

Well, the most daunting task of anyone thinking of interning there at Link Legal, Bangalore is trying to locate the office. There is no board or any display to aid you in locating the office.

How big was the office? Team strength?

It is on the 1st floor of a residential place where an advocate stays. The team strength is another astonishing feature of this office. There is one partner and two associates. There is a lady, who is supposed to help out in office work, files, staple important documents, as well as give tea, sometimes even receive calls. I guess this does for the strength part.

Application procedure. Internship contact details

The application procedure is neat. The website of Link Legal has an online form, you fill that up,upload your CV and it is through. If you are selected, the office contacts you via e-mail. Apply well in advance though.

Duration in weeks. No. of days/week. Timings

The internship was for a duration of about four weeks. You have to enter office by 9am. If you are late and the partner is in the wrong mood, then you may have your day. Although for me I did not face such a situation but it was the telltale. You may leave office by 6 pm, if partner is not there, but if he is there then he will close it as and when he wants to. Generally it is 6-6.30 pm. May stretch to 7 pm also.

First impression. First day, formalities etc.

First impression as already said the office was really difficult to locate. No such formalities were there. The partner came to know that a new intern has joined and assigned work straightaway. There is no need to know the name, college, year ( useless formalities eh)

Main tasks

Research work is the main work. It has to be impeccable. We were refrained from using online mechanisms to research and hence, bare act is the main gadget on which you are supposed to rely, and then check commentary. Research ranged from private equity, to IPR to cyber laws, can be anything under the sun.

Work environment, people

Now this is the main forte of this firm. Hold your breath folks, yes that is what you are supposed to do when the partner is here. He may not like it and you may have the day of your life. One of my co-intern got his share in the first day itself.

Unlucky chap, you have to be very particular, as the partner is very strict. He will boss around and you got to obey.

The associates are on their toes and running helter skelter to save themselves from the wrath of the partner. He is very particular about the work and if you falter you are in for it. Overall the work environment is very intimidating. You have to be very careful always.

Best and the bad things?

The best thing, the associate is nice. She will many times save your skin so that you do not get ripped off by partner. That unfortunately is the only good thing about the office.

Also, about the internship, it is more off how to be very careful and tread on border lines when the tiger is on the prowl. Basically survival strategies what you will learn from this internship. That’s a good deal any day, in this fast paced corporate world.

Stipend/ month

Zero. You get saved and thats the your incentive.


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