Internship Experience at the Reputed Law Reporter, Dubai: Legal Research and Drafting with Great Mentorship


Name of the intern

Jatin Karela

Name of your college

National Law University, Jodhpur

Name of the course and year of study

B.A LL.B | 3rd year

Name and address of the organisation

The Law Reporter, Legal Services Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Dubai.

Duration of internship

From: 05/07/2021 Till: 30/07/2021

How did you apply for the internship?

This was my first ever internship and surprisingly I did it alone i.e., without my best friends.

I, from the first day of my university, thought to do everything together with my 2 best friends.

It’s interesting to know that my will to do an internship made me do it alone. In the time of CoVID-19, I and my friends searched a lot for online internships but found none.

Then at the end of our vacations, I found this internship on LinkedIn. I asked my friends but they were worried about their studies.

Still, I gathered courage and applied for this internship on LinkedIn itself by the ‘easy apply’ option on the platform.

Then I got a mail that based upon my CV, my application for the internship was accepted. Since it was my first internship, I was very excited.

First day formalities, infrastructure, first impression

On the first day, our coordinator as well as the mentor formed a WhatsApp group for better communications.

They provided us with the rules and regulations and communicated with us that we need to write an article daily (5 days a week) and the submission should be via mail.

First, it terrified me that we need to write 5 days a week, an article with 1K – 1.5K words.

But then our mentor conveyed to us that we can write on any topic we liked and in case we could not find a topic, he will give us the topic.

To my amazement, it sounded more difficult when he further told that we need to choose an article relating to the jurisdiction of UAE in a week.

To sum up, the first day was terrifying however, as it went on, I found the job easier and creative.

Main Tasks

During the internship we undertook the following tasks:

• Researching and writing content on various legal topics concerning multiple jurisdictions addressed by the journal; 

• Assisting their platform to reach readers by addressing key issues that concern them, recent laws, and legal updates; and

• Assisting them to further their vision to bring accessible legal content to the readers.

Work Environment

The interns were engaging with one another and the mentor also.

I did my best to present it from my perspective – by asking questions and highlighting my concerns about the feedback offered.

Our mentor tried his best to make us feel comfortable and the internship to be easy going.

The friendly environment allowed me to hone my research and legal writing skills and also provided constructive criticism so that I could better evaluate my weak areas and strengthen them.

We just didn’t keep the talks restricted to tedious work but also wished each other on occasions such as Eid and other festivals in the month of July. This really made my first internship really memorable.

Good Things

The foremost good thing that comes to my mind is the fellowship environment, the interns were interactive and the coordinator was very helpful throughout our whole internship.

I hope that such work will reach new heights in the future. Their feedback on our submissions was quite helpful in improving the specific areas where we were deficient.

I appreciate that while our mentor conveyed our strong point and appraised me in the group, he pointed out my mistake personal. I really appreciate such nature.

Then kudos to our mentor, Jesse Jacob sir, who was really helpful with the issues I had throughout my internship.

They did not start assigning us difficult tasks right away. It was at our convenience to choose the topic on which we wanted to research and write.

Bad Things

The one and only negative aspect, not so horrible, was the delay in publication of our written articles While one of my articles is published now, the status of the others are not confirmed yet. 


No stipend

Details about accommodation and commute

The method of internship was online.

Anything else?

Currently, I’m searching internship here at Lawctopus, and this internship has helped me realize how much I enjoy research and writing.

This type of internship usually pushes me to study and learn a little more about the given area, and it tells us how broad perhaps a specific legal issue can indeed be.


Jatin Karela Internship Certificate – The Law Reporters

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