Internship Experience @ Lawyers Collective, Delhi [Womens’ Rights Initiative]: Friendly Work Environment, Wide Variety of Work

Name of the intern

Kavi Shankar

Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

Lawyers Collective (Womens’ Rights Initiative) , Delhi, 5-6

Application Process with contact details

I sent an email to Ms. Kiran Sharma ([email protected]) and I got my confirmation within 3 days.

The email consisted of a cover letter and my CV.

Editor’s note: Please do NOT send your CV en masse to the above email ID. First, check if you really want to intern with an NGO and then apply with a customized CV and cover letter.

Duration of internship and timings

June 29, 2015- July 22, 2015

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

My first day followed the same ritual of wearing formals, showing too much of professionalism. But, after everyone arrived they calmed me down and treated me as I was one of their own.

It actually helped me as I was pretty nervous.

The office is situated at Jangpura. It is spacious as a complete floor of a building accommodates the office. It also has lots of related books, journals and court orders.

Main tasks

Actually, I never had any fixed task. The beauty was a new task after the one I finished.

The tasks I completed were research on the sex offenders’ registries, analyze Andhra court orders on the PWDV Act,2006, prepare strategy notes, observation of women’s’ shelter homes in various states, etc.

Work environment and people

The workplace consisted of pretty warm people, Ms. Kiran Sharma is an awesome person, she can really sense what’s going on in our minds.

If we’re nervous, she’ll crack some jokes to make us feel normal. Everyone answered my queries with compassion and patience.

We can learn a lot from everyone.

Best things

Miss Kiran Sharma’s tutelage, dynamic work environment, the liberty to work in casuals, FREE HOME-COOKED LUNCH!

Apart from that, we get to learn about the role that each one of us can play in securing the rights of women and how to provide them, the access to justice.

Bad things

The freedom of work, the absence of someone’s watch is one which actually tuns into a bad thing. Sometimes, you may feel as if you’re not at all working.



Biggest Lessons

You cannot turn a blind eye towards the problems being faced by women in India. The problems are huge, the legislation is somewhat fitting, but it’s the implementation where it all fails.

Any Other Thing

Since LCWRI is actually one of the major force towards the implementation of the PWDVA, 2005; it makes us quite sensitive towards women’s issues and researching, observing and analyzing its works gives real exposure.

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