Internship Experience at Law Chambers of Pranjal Kishore, New Delhi: Legal Research, Drafting and Assistance in Mediation Work

Name, College, Year of Study

Nitesh Mishra, National Law University Delhi, 4th Year

Name of the Organisation where you interned and its full address

Law Chambers of Pranjal Kishore, New Delhi

Address: C-32, Lower Ground Floor, Nizamuddin East, New Delhi – 110013.

Duration of the Internship

July 1, 2020 to October 31, 2020 (Virtual Internship)

How did you apply?

I had personally contacted Mr. Pranjal Kishore for the internship opportunity. However, one can send their C.V. to the following email address, for the purpose of internship application:

First Day Formalities and First Impression

The internship was a virtual one, owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. I was contacted by Mr. Kishore over a voice call on the first day of my internship. After a brief introduction, he explained to me the nature of work that I was expected to perform during the course of my internship. I was given a fair idea of few of the matters that he was working on at that point of time, and was immediately asked to assist him with a research proposition.

Mr. Kishore immediately strikes one as a smart and an approachable lawyer. Throughout the course of the internship, starting from the first day itself, I have always been in awe of his ability to seamlessly narrate the facts and applicable laws of each and every case that he is working on, at any given point.

Main Tasks

I was primarily tasked with assisting Mr. Kishore with the legal research on the matters at hand. Mr. Kishore has a wide range of practice, owing to which I had an opportunity to explore and research upon various fields of law, including constitutional law, insolvency and bankruptcy law, company law, intellectual property law, and laws relating to white-collar crimes.

As the internship progressed, Mr. Kishore trusted me with extensive drafting tasks. I was provided with an opportunity to draft a range of legal and non-legal documents, including SLPs, writ petitions, representations, legal notices, and advisory notes to clients.

Furthermore, Mr. Kishore would often invite me to attend the hearings at the virtual courts as well. I had the opportunity to assist him with the mediation sessions in one of the matters, relating to trademark violation.

Good Things

First and foremost, the learning experience that this internship has provided me with is unparalleled. Mr. Kishore takes a keen interest in the development of his interns and discusses at length the work that his interns submit to him. The substantive feedback that he provided on each and every work that I submitted, has made this internship such an invaluable experience. Mr. Kishore seems genuinely interested in the professional growth of his interns.

Secondly, the learning at this internship was not limited to mere legal propositions and drafting styles. Mr. Kishore discusses his legal strategies with his interns, which provided me with such pertinent insights into the practical working of the courts, and the applied use of procedural laws. The ingenuine ways which Mr. Kishore comes up with to seek relief for his clients surely reflects his in-depth understanding of the law and its practical implementation.

Finally, in light of the fact that this internship was a long-term and a virtual one, Mr. Kishore was kind enough to accommodate the occasional genuine concerns that I had regarding the deadlines for the work assigned. His commitment to a non-toxic work environment is inspiring.

Bad Things

The internship experience was truly enriching. In my mind, there does not exist anything negative about this internship experience, whatsoever.


Mr. Kishore is committed to recognizing and suitably rewarding the work that his interns contribute. He was kind enough to provide me with a stipend of INR 5,000 per month, during the course of my internship.


This internship experience, during the precarious times of a global pandemic, has truly been a guiding light for me. Apart from the professional growth and learning that I garnered from the internship, Mr. Kishore often indulged me with queries regarding my career goals and prospects. His constant advice, which shall continue to resonate with me, has been that if we consistently work hard enough, we will eventually get our due share in the market.

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