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Internship Experience @ Kochhar and Company, Hyderabad: Quality Research Work, Encouraging and Interactive Associates

Intern Details

Sagarika, 3rd Year, KIIT School of Law, Bhubaneswar

Internship Duration

1st – 27th February, 2016

Name of Organisation, details

Kochhar & Company, Hyderabad

Located at 1263-A/1, Road Number 63A, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500033

Application Process

Internship Application has to be sent at the email id: [email protected]hyderabad.kochhar.com

You might get a response from the HR within 15-20 days of the application or even earlier if there are available slots in the period requested.

Duration of Internship and Timings

4 weeks, 6 days a week, except the 2nd and 3rd Saturday and the office timings were from 10 AM-6:30 PM, sometimes till 7 PM but not beyond that.

First Day, Formalities

The Hyderabad office of Kochhar & Company is a bungalow in itself located in the posh area of Hyderabad, i.e. Jubilee Hills and is spread to 2 floors inclusive of a terrace, a conference halls, a small library etc.

I and my classmate were the only interns interning during February. Attendance is strict and everyday at the reception, the interns are required to sign the daily attendance register for interns, specifying the time of arrival.

We were seated along with two other associates in one of the rooms on the ground floor. There is another room for associates and a separate room for the principal associates and also for the HR on the ground floor itself.

Interns are put under the supervision of an Associate who would co-ordinate with the interns throughout the entire Internship.

On the first day, I along with the other intern, were briefed on the rules and regulations of the internship and were handed over a term sheet in which we were required to fill in the daily record of the work done by us along with some basic stationery like a writing pad, pen etc.

The entire office has WIFI and the interns are supposed to carry their laptops.

The Associates and Principal Associates may call the interns to their work desk to assign them work. If you do not have an assignment at hand, you can approach the Associates or the Principal Associates or the Internship Co-ordinator who will assign you work.

Main Tasks

The nature of work mostly related to legal research. But if you can impress with your drafting skills, you might be also asked to draft “actual” legal documents. I was asked to draft some documents like deeds, agreements etc.

The Hyderabad office practices in corporate, litigation and Real-Estate and we were assigned diverse work from all the teams. With the corporate team, I researched on LLP-tax structure, statutory Registers, AOA, prepared comparative analysis on the provisions of various statutes etc.

I along with my co-intern did extensive research on labour and employment laws. With the litigation team, I drafted arguments, counters, prepared case briefs, written statements etc., and downloaded and researched on case laws etc.

Sometimes we would be asked to do clerical work such as typing, arranging documents but mostly the work was research-oriented.

Work Environment, People

The work environment was professional and everyone would be busy with their work. At the same time, most of the Associates were quite helpful. The Associates and Senior and Principal Associates were welcoming and approachable for any help.

We were properly explained the assignment which we were required to do and allotted enough time to complete it. After completing an assignment, the intern would be required to brief the Associate/Principal Associate on the findings of the research. While there was no dearth of work, barring a few days, we were not really overburdened either.


There are a number of PGs in an area close by called Madhapur, a 15 minute auto-ride away from the office. There is also a bakery right next to the office great for lunch.

Best things

1. Quality research work, encouraging and interactive associates, and helpful people around.

2. There is a coffee machine in the office and occasionally we would get pastries, sweets and snacks etc.

3. We were apprised of our work performance on tasks assigned to us by Associates and Principal Associates from time to time by our Internship Co-ordinator, Mr. Amarendra, which truly helped us in understanding the areas where we needed improvement.

4. We were fortunate enough that our Co-ordinator heard us with patience and offered his invaluable assistance throughout the entire internship and it was great to have a peek of the basics of corporate practice through him.

Bad things

No stipend.

Also you have to accept the hard fact that not all associates would be helpful, but unfortunately that is the case everywhere and you need to account for yourself.



Last day

Usually on the last day or before the end of their internship, the interns are required to make a presentation in front of all the Associates, Principal Associates and it is also attended by the Partner. You can either select your own topic for the presentation or the Co-ordinator would assign you the topic.

As we had done considerable research work in labour and employment laws, we were asked to make a joint presentation on a current topic under labour laws. A few questions were also asked after the presentation, but we were not really grilled.

Biggest Lessons

Quality of work is important and one must learn to efficiently manage the time within which you complete the task assigned. This way you can work on more tasks and thus, learn more.

There is no dearth of work, only if you’re willing to work.

Not everyone will follow the work decorum but that should not deter you from following it.

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