Internship Experience @ Kocchar and Co., Delhi: Friendly Environment, Good Work, No Stipend

Organisation/team strength

Kochhar and Co, Jasola (New Delhi).

The office was huge, was spread across three floors of the building (interns worked on 12th floor while most of the work (except  litigation) was done in floor 11). The dining area was on another floor.

Application procedure?

I applied at the email address on official website (

The HR replied to my email confirming my internship. I had applied 2 months in advance.

Duration in weeks. Days of work per week. Timings.

3 weeks, 5 days a week( will depend on the team you are allotted to and the work they are doing).

Timings were 9 am to 6 pm. Lunch timing was flexible ( anytime between 1 to 4) but you have to inform your associate before leaving.

The HR team has a strong policy of making sure that you do not stay beyond 6 pm. And my team mostly came in at around 9-30 am.

First impression, first day, formalities

During my first day at Kocchar & Co. I was ushered to a conference room and this being my first real law firm internship freaked me off. We waited for some time and then Mr. Avinash came and asked about our backgrounds (mostly people who know somebody in the firm end up there, that was my first impression).

We were asked to fill in the preference for the area we would like to intern in (litigation, corporate, intellectual property).

I wanted IPR but they informed that IPR work is usually done in Gurgaon office and was allotted to a corporate law team and my mentor Ms. Anuradha is the most pleasant lawyer I have ever met till now.

We were also told by the HR to prepare for a presentation to be given on the last week, which they never mentioned about later, till I did myself.

Main tasks

I hadn’t even studied company law in detail when I started interning but Ms Anuradha was patient and gave me daily assignments to make me aware of the law.

She would test how much I want to do and would give me work accordingly. Other associates are kind of snooty  specially the younger ones), but hey, I should not judge them.

I helped researching on company law matters, labour law matters and a specific case about SARFAESI Act.

One of the gentle Associates let me research for a labour law book she was writing and I did it with a lot of enthusiasm because it gave me great insights towards labour law, organising your data etc, she appreciated my point of view and would ask me to summarise what I had learnt from the research, which was really cool.

I would take work from others too when my team was busy, but that usually led me juggling and unable to cope up (maybe at that time I was unable to prioritise.

Once two senior partners, on the same day asked me to research for them, which was really tough and one of them wasn’t happy with what I did and he didn’t even tell me why it was what he didn’t want and when I offered to do it again, he refused.

Apart from that I was able to research for a few associates here and there, and some clerical work too, which I don’t mind. I was asked about my experience and my orientation towards various types of work that I was doing and was guided by Mr. Alok Tiwari, Ms Anuradha and Ms Simrat Grover, to whom I am really thankful.

Rohit Kocchar, Kocchar and Co. internship, law firm
Rohit Kocchar or “Mr. Kocchar”, as the intern puts

Work environment, people

The team to which I went at Kocchar and Co., were really helpful, professional and helpful.

They treated me like an intellectual, they were helpful in general, gave legal advice to their clerk too 🙂

Whenever Mr. Kochhar came to the office, people would be more organised and a sense of urgency hung in the air.

The work will highly depend on the people you are allotted to, as sometimes I saw people who seemed little interested in work and would keep on gossiping.

Good things:

1. Friendly environment.

2. Disciplined with respect to timings.

Bad things:

1. Its easy to not work because you are not sitting on the same floor as your team.

2. Some days you would just keep on waiting for work (you can approach a random associate for work, but then, your own team might want you any minute: I was perpetually stuck in the dilemma and would ask my associate before taking someone else’s work).

3. Things could have been a little more faster, interns are sometimes ignored.

Stipend/month: Zero

Accommodation etc.

I live in the North campus of DU and would commute by metro. It took 1-1.5 hours to go each way.

There are a lot of PGs available in Kalkaji and Okhla area nearby.

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