Internship Experience @ Kings & Alliance LLP: Hard work takes you a long way

The Organization

Kings & Alliance LLP, 13, 1st Floor, Ring Road, Lajpat Nagar-IV, New Delhi- 110024


1 month, September

Office and Staff

The office is well constructed, with maximum utilization of space being the objective. The interior of the office is modern and elegant.

It consists of a reception bay,  the glass covered arbitration room, conference room, cabins for senior associates, separate workstations for associates and clerks. The interns, however, are required to carry their own laptops.

Office Strength

Mr. Mohit Chaudhary: Managing Partner

Ms. Puja Chaudhary: Partner

Mr. Kunal Sachdeva: Senior Associate

Mr. Imran Ali: Advocate

There are 2 other associates, a Public Relation Head, a Receptionist, 3 clerks and 3 peons.

Application Procedure

I applied via e-mail. I sent my cover letter with my CV to and

For any details, you can check their website here.


Monday to Saturday, 10 AM to 8 PM.


Accommodation can be easily available in Amar Colony and Lajpat Nagar. Since I’m from Delhi, I stayed at my place itself.

First Impression. First-day Formalities

On my first day, I was asked to reach directly to the Delhi High Court where I met Mohit Sir and Kunal Sir and Kushal ji, one of the court clerks. The Advocates and the Court Clerks reach their respective Courts according to their schedules.

Mohit Sir took an informal verbal interview in the Court itself where he asked about my previous internship experiences and about my area of interest. Then, I was asked to observe the ongoing matters and report the details of the proceedings.

Once I reached the office later in the day, I was immediately assigned work. Until the last day of my internship, there was hardly any time to sit idle.

Main tasks 

The work given here is quite different from what I received in my previous internships. Here, the associates want interns to work as they themselves would which requires a lot more skills than mere research and drafting ability.

The assignments included making preparing synopses of cases and their LODs, drafting plaints, written statements, applications, legal notices, interesting research works and much more. Anyone who wishes to intern here must be well-versed with how to use Manupatra.

Any work assigned was first explained well in detail which helped in achieving results in my first attempt. After the work was done, I was given feedback along with tips to improve when the work was not up to the mark. You can expect a pat on your back for good work too. In this internship, everyone’s contribution matters. This is one of those internships where your work means something.

Mohit Sir also gave me a special assignment where I had to prepare a presentation on a topic related to recent legal issues. The presentation has been published on the website of the firm.

This is one of the best internships for a student who is willing to learn and work hard. Hard work never goes unnoticed here.

Work environment, people

The staff is full of energy, enthusiasm, and plenty of knowledge. There is a lot to learn from everyone. The court clerks teach you at every step of the way and the associates as well as Mohit Sir always clear your legitimate queries. People are helpful, supportive and easily approachable. Any valuable opinion or suggestion is welcome.

In the numerous meetings I had with Mohit Sir during the course of my internship, he treated me equivalent to an Associate and not just an intern. Mohit Sir has a dynamic personality paired with humility and politeness. He has an aura and the right amount of confidence which is the essence of the office. He keeps everyone on their toes. This does not mean he does not have a fun side.

People in this firm have a jolly nature but they are serious when it comes to business.

Best things

One line that sums up my internship experience at this firm is “I went home with happiness and satisfaction of doing something worthy.”

Bad things


Stipend/ month

Subject to Mohit sir’s discretion.

Biggest Lesson

It is okay to make mistakes but make sure to learn from them and not repeat it again. Also, hard work and dedication pave the way to success.

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