Internship Experience @ King Stubb and Kasiva, Mumbai: Variety of Cases, Research and Drafting Work, Helpful Environment

Your name, college, year of study

Muskaan Sharma, 4th year, BLS LLB, Government Law College, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Name of organization, location, city

King Stubb and Kasiva, Mumbai (Nariman Point)

Application process with details

You could simply send an email to them on their official email id with a cover letter and your resume attached.

Duration of internship and timings

1 month

Timings were a little strict, you had to complete 9 hours and if you came late you had to compensate for it by staying late but anyhow, they would never ask you to stay beyond 7:30-8:00 PM.

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First impression, first day formalities and infrastructure

The office is located in the corporate hub of Mumbai which is Nariman Point. The building’s name is Atlanta building and the office is located on the 6th floor. The infrastructure of the office is decent even though it is compact it perfectly accommodates people working there.

As soon as you reach the office you would be given a couple of sheets to be filled out by you and a Non-Disclosure Agreement that you would have to submit to the Admin’s head which is Mrs. Saher Ansari and after you’ve done the required tasks you would be told to take your seat in the room for the interns.

They usually don’t take more than 3 interns in a month so to secure an internship it would be best if you apply two months in advance.

Mains tasks

I was greeted by Mr. Kulin Dave and he told me that the firm is a full-service law firm I would be given work from all the departments and associates but nevertheless he did ask me my interest areas and tried to give me work accordingly.

I mainly worked under him and I must say that during my entire internship he did take a lot of interest to teach all the interns and solved each and every doubt very patiently.

He was definitely a very good mentor and supervisor to work under. My work varied from gratuity fund, alternative investment funds etc to drafting a couple of agreements. There was a wide variety of work which was given to us and you would never be sitting idle.

I was also given some work by Dhivya Ma’am which involved researching some case laws and some drafting work, she again is someone who would never be bothered by your doubts and would calmly solve themselves and explain them to you.

Work environment and people

The work environment of the office is not hectic but they are serious as to the deadline of the work given to you. All the associates and the partner of the firm are very friendly with you. The firm gives you a wholesome experience.

Good things

I loved working in the firm as you would never be whiling away your time and would certainly have something or the other on your hand to work at.

Bad things

The only bad thing was that you are not given any stipend even if you stay for a longer duration.


No stipend

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