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Internship Experience @ Kaleeswaram Raj & Associates, Kerala: Priority that the Interns Receive is Admirable

By: The Admin | June 1, 2016
Name of the Intern

Irene Babu

Name of the Organization

Advocate Kaleeswaram Raj is a reputed lawyer practicing in the Supreme Court of India and High Court of Kerala. He himself and 6 associates forms the organisation.

The address of the office: Kaleeswaram Raj & Associates, near Thotathumpady Mosque, Peediyakkal Lane, S R M Road (Near Manapatiparambu), Kochi-18, Kerala.

Application Process

The firm intakes minimal interns and one will have to go through their strict selection process. One can personally send an application to the office e-mail id. Then they will assign you with an internship assignment which is a part of the selection process.

I was assigned with a case comment but the assignment varies from a case comment, article writing, essay etc. After submitting the internship assignment along with CV and cover letter, you will be communicated with their decision.


2nd May, 2016 – 30th May, 2016.

The minimum internship period is one month.

Work Environment

To be frank, there is a great amount of work pressure in the office but in fact it hardly affects the interns as they will never overburden the interns with work.

Six days a week, everyone including the interns have to work from 8am to 8pm to which there is no compromise. The office is not so well equipped with infrastructure, but it is sufficient. 

The work environment is very strict. Though they take their work very seriously, but all work and no play is not their policy. Everyone always find time for chit chats and talks which makes it a family. The associates, staff as well as the Sir have a friendly nature towards the interns and in their very busy schedule, they are always ready to answer even our silliest questions.

Even in the strict and serious work environment, the priority that the interns receive is admirable. Each one of the interns are given personal attention and everyday Sir finds time to have personal talks with us which teach us many new things.

In no time, the interns will also become members of the family and there are times where we had lunch and even dinner in the office together.

Main tasks

It is purely a litigation firm concentrated in the areas of civil criminal, administrative and constitutional matters. As a litigation firm, you will be exposed to all the practical aspects of the profession even including the clerical works.

In the beginning, the interns are exposed to the case files to get an idea of all the drafts and other relevant documents enclosed therein. Subsequently, you would assist the associates in drafting affidavits, writs, representations, legal notices etc. You are also made to review all the drafted materials to correct errors if any.

Research works will be given from time to time on various aspects of law. It varies from finding case laws to reading journals and magazines and making notes.

The interns will also be taken to High Court and the Administrative Tribunal. You are supposed to make a brief on the cases appeared there and at the end of the day, make a report on it. The associates are always ready to render a helping hand to make you understand about the proceedings that took place in the Court so that you can properly report the same.

Thus, one can learn numerous things relating to law and Court. Even the small works done by the interns will always be noted and appreciated by Sir as well as the associates. This in itself acts as a great motivational force!

Lessons Learned

It is not your cup of tea for those who take internships just for the sake of a certificate as you will have to really work hard here. You will learn all the professional elements in such a friendly atmosphere.

The biggest lesson that you will learn from here is that, you can never achieve anything without hard work and dedication!


Of course there is, though it depends upon your performance.

You will just forget to remember all your sleepy days and busy schedule when you receive the stipend amount in your hands!

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