Internship Experience @ Kaden Boriss, Gurgaon: Little Work, No Stipend [Timings? What Timings?]

Name of the Organization, Location, Team Strength

Kaden Boriss, Legal LLP, Gurgaon. 4 partners, 1 associate and a couple of office staff.

Application process with contact details

One has to send a mail to mentioning the specific details of the internship. There is no specific requirement of applying ‘x’ months in advance but an application before a couple of months of the intended internship period is a safe option.

If you are planning to apply without the help of any jack, make sure to follow up on the application.

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Duration, Timings

1st June-24th June, 2014. Ideally, the internship period was supposed to be of four weeks. But then, it wasn’t obligatory. Even a three week internship was accepted. Every second Saturday was off (only on paper because no one usually turned up on ANY Saturday).

Hugely flexible timings. Interns at Kaden Boriss, Gurgaon had to reach office by 10:00 am (again, only on paper) because the same could be extended by 60-90 minutes easily. There were chances that you might turn up in the office at 12 pm and still get away with it. Interns could leave office anytime between 5-6 pm.

One had to leave at 6 pm anyhow because that is when the shutters came down!

Infrastructure, First Day Impression, First Day formalities

The Kaden Boriss office was a decent building. The ground floor had the reception area, different cubicles for associates and chambers for the partners. Similar was the first floor, with a conference room and dining space in addition. The basement consisted of a huge unused library.

Looking at the office building, one could easily be misled into believing that the firm has a decent number of partners and associated attorneys. However, there were only four partners and one associate. With so much space available, interns had the option of sitting either in the cubicles or the conference room or the library.

I went up to meet one of the partners (who was surprisingly early that day). I introduced myself and then he allotted me some minor research work. Little did I know that ‘the minor research work’ would be my only work for the next couple of days.

Formal attire was necessary as I was told. Interns had to bring their laptops as most of the systems were non-functional.

Main Tasks

The work was usually assigned by the partners.The main tasks comprised mostly research work on various areas of Company Law, Real Estate and Taxation Law.

We were asked to either make notes or brief the partner on the issue we researched upon. The interns were also given the task to write a couple of short articles on Competition Law and IPR Law.

There was no extensive research work which was given to the interns.

kaden boriss internship

Work Environment, People

The work environment at Kaden Boriss, Gurgaon was dull. Yes! The work environment was nothing like you would expect at a good law firm.

There were days when almost no lawyer came to the office. And in the initial days, you could even bunk office with no one bothering about it.

Best things

The samosa shop nearby, undoubtedly. There were regular orders from almost every intern.

I also had the privilege to intern with great people. My co-internees made my 24 day internship bearable. The work unfortunately, never stood out as a good thing, forget best.



Biggest Lessons

Recognize your priorities and make the best of what you have in hand.

And, never go by what the internet says. Do your own research.

The Kaden Boriss careers page is HERE.

Disclaimer: Internship experiences are opinions shared by individual law students and tend to be personal and subjective in nature. The internship experiences shared on Lawctopus are NOT Lawctopus official views on the internship.

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