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Internship Experience @ Krishnamurthy & Co. [K Law], Mumbai: Excellent experience, interned twice here!


I am in my fifth year, student of B.Com, LLB (hons).

I had interned at Krishnamurthy & Co in November 2016 and April 2017. Their office is located at Piramal towers,  Peninsula Corporate Park, Lower Parel.

My internship period was for four weeks and timings were 9.30 am  to 7. 00 pm and only if there was ample amount and urgency of work they asked their interns to stay back. Staying back was preferred only a maximum till 9.30 that is the maximum I has stayed back, they really did prefer interns staying back as late as 11 or 12 pm. They worked 5 day week.

They have wide number of options to choose from corporate to IPR to litigation to real estate and so on. They usually take in maximum of three or four interns at a time.

Internship at K Law, specially if its twice was quite an experience.

The best part of K Law is the work environment that you have there  which is very friendly welcoming and warm towards interns. The interaction levels are pretty good between the interns with their associates or partners regarding work or in general.

It was never like, that they dumped work at you and gave you a deadline to meet. They did have deadlines to meet which is obvious. They do not bash out on you for doing mistakes, they explain you patiently your mistakes and their expectations from you in regard to work given.

Not just that they do explain you in around the issue so that you don’t just work on what is given to you but you also understand laws and practicality of the case/project. The associates, senior associates and as well the partners give you work, involve you in the work allotted keep you at your feet in terms of doing timely work and giving you a learning experience.

They provide you with desk and laptops or desktop. One major expectation that they have from their interns is punctuality and responsibility of your work. Leave is given only if their an urgent need in case of illness or personal reasons with prior information to the HR Mrs. Vanita.

Since I was at their office April 2017 during which we had IPL matches going on, the office had it people divided in to teams that they support and whichever team that won the match that day had to give snack treat the following day which was sponsored by them. That few minutes of gathering used to make you feel home with all the laughs and smiles around.

There is no stipend that is given to the interns but then I feel there is no need of one at this place because you take home so much learning and experience need of stipend is not felt.

In all its good place to intern and learn since its located at Lower Parel which is very well connected travelling is not difficult except you spend time in the Lower Parel traffic.

The HR is Mrs. Vanita Irani she is available at [email protected]  for all the office which are at Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai. 

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