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Internship Experience @ Justice Rajendra Menon, MP High Court


Name. College. Year of Study.

My name is Snigdha Sadanad Pimprikar.

I am a student of University of Petroleum and Energy studies. I am in my 2nd year.

Name of the organization. City

I interned under Justice Rajendra Menon.

Duration of the internship. No. of days/week. Timings

It was a three week internship for 5 days a week. The court hours were from 1030 hrs to 1700 hrs. The first half of the day session attended motion hearing while post lunch hours had final hearings.

How big was the office? Team strength?

The MP High Court, is an  impressive mansion of superb architecture was constructed in 1899 by Raja Gokul Das, Grand Father of late Seth Govind Das, Former Member of Parliament.  The building was designed by Henry Irwin, C.I.E., P.W.D., sometime in 1886.

The construction work of this building commenced in 1886 and was completed in 1889 at the cost of about Rupees Three Lacs.  The building is constructed in brick-lime with ornamental towers and cornices.

The architecture of the building is mixed baroque and oriental.  The arches as well as the bastions at the corner are ornamental.

The chamber staff for Justice Menon had strength total of 6, 1 personal secretary, 2 stenographers and 3 peons.

Accommodation: how, where, how was it?

I was residing at one of my relative’s place. So, finding an accommodation for the internship was not a problem for me.

First impression. First day, formalities etc.

Given the magnificent building, under tight security with lawyers in cloaks and huge files in hand. It was a different world altogether. All the interns who applied to Intern under Justice Menon were asked to assemble in his chamber sharp at 1000 hrs.

Justice Menon addressed us and explained us what we were supposed to do and gave us a little background about the history of  Madhya Pradesh High Court.

After which we were lead to the court room and we asked to take are places on the podium right behind the readers. It was the first time when I actually got to see the court proceedings.

Main tasks 

Every day we were supposed to go through atleast 20 cases that were listed on that particular day and look for similar cases and also had to do case study of the all those cases

Work environment, people

The entire working staff was very warm and welcome. It was a very friendly atmosphere and everybody was giving and generous.

We got to do a lot of learning ,while we were made aware of different procedures and activities.

We were taken to different departments like writ department, file department , admission department ,legal aid cell etc.

Best things? 

Getting to learn from Justice Menon, is once in a lifetime opportunity. He is a wonderful teacher and helps every intern through the learning process.

Bad things? 

Being stuck to one chair for complete office hours, sometimes caused monotony

What did you do to chill? Co-interns, colleagues

Yes, there were other co-interns as well so we used to have a lot of fun together during the internship during breaks.



Anything else you’d like to tell; Biggest lessons


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  1. Can u plz tell me what is the procedure to apply for an internship under justice rajendra Menon…becoz I am not getting his contact details nor his address…can u plz notify me about that??
    I am really eager to know.
    Plz reply as soon as possible.
    Thanks in advance



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