Internship Experience @ Hon’ble Justice Geeta Mittal, Delhi High Court: Healthy environment, high quality work

Name, College, Year

K.Tanushri Rao, 3rd Year, Dr. Harisingh Gour Central University, Sagar (M.P.)

Name of Organisation

Judicial Internship under Hon’ble Justice Geeta Mittal, Delhi High Court, New Delhi.

Application Procedure

Applied to the Registrar with a cover letter, LOR and CV 2 months prior to the desired date of internship.

Duration of internship and timings

3 weeks in December 2017; 10:30 AM to 6 PM

First Impression, First Day Formalities, Infrastructure

I Reported to Mr. Kapil Sharma Sir (Private Secretary of Ma’am). He then introduced me to the court staff and the Law Researchers to whom the interns were expected to report daily. I was asked to submit my passport size photo and a hard copy of my CV for the record as well as for the entry pass. After Introduction, I was directed to hear the court room proceedings with the other interns.

When you are doing the Judicial Internship, you get the privilege to sit and hear the proceeding near the Justice, or some where in the first row. This helps you in understanding the proceedings. The First Impression of the Court Room Proceeding gives you exposure to the advocates and the arguments.

There is no question regarding the infrastructure of the Delhi High Court. The interns have enough space to accommodate and work accordingly.

Main Tasks

The Main Task during this Internship was to make Briefs of the Case Files, hear Court room Proceedings and to Assist the Law Researchers in the Research Work. Fortunately, When I was doing Internship, Hon’ble Justice Geeta Mittal Ma’am asked the interns to prepare a PIL to enhance our drafting skills and submit it to them which was later checked by the Law Researchers.

We were asked to make briefs of the case files which were to be presented the next day. So when we used to hear the same case other day in court, we were well aware of the case facts.

Work Environment and people

The best part about this Internship was the Kapil Sharma Sir, who was always calm and humorous. He guided us in whole of the internship. One can easily get familiar with the environment.

The Law researchers were also very humble to all the interns. One can enjoy the company of them and they are liberal to interns only when you are done with the assigned work.

Best things
  • Kapil Sharma Sir
  • Quality of Work
  • A Healthy Environment
  • High Court Canteen
Bad things

I really don’t find one. When you are on time, doing all the assigned work, you will always enjoy the judicial Internship.



Best Lesson

You can never judge a book by its cover. Judicial Internship is one of that Kind. We can learn a lot and judicial internship helps you to get familiar with the judicial work and how the court staff works. This internship was the one, i will always cherish because of the positive environment of the court.



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