Internship Experience @ Justice & Care [NGO], Kolkata: Research and Drafting Work, Amazing Work Environment

Intern Details

Ayan Chakraborty

4th Year, MS Ramaiah College of Law, Bengaluru

Email: [email protected]

Name of the NGO

Justice & Care, Kolkata (Kalighat)

Application Procedure

One can send an e-mail to [email protected] with the subject ‘Internship’ and be assured to get a prompt reply. I received a phone call first from the Legal department and that was followed by an e-mail within two weeks.

I interned after my first year as a part of the compulsory internship prescribed by the university. It was mandatory to intern at a Non-Governmental Organization and this wonderful international NGO, Justice & Care came to my rescue.

Internship Duration and Timings

My internship was from 17th July, 2012 to 10th August, 2012.

Timings: No fixed timings. I used to be there by 10 am and usually left office around 4 pm. However, when there is a court visit one has to be there in office by 9 am.

After my internship was confirmed I was asked to visit the office as per my convenience but before my internship officially began. I had to sign a form and a Non-Disclosure agreement.

The legal department of this organization is based in Mumbai from where the Kolkata branch is operated.

My mentor Ms. Leaann Almeida had communicated to the entire team about me and on the very first day of my internship, one Mr. Cornelis Gomez (the sweetest person in the entire team) introduced me to the entire Justice & Care, Kolkata team after which each one of them greeted me and introduced themselves to me.

This was followed by a long session of getting acquainted with the organization, how it works, different departments and a brief knowledge about what works shall be assigned to me during my internship. “

Main Tasks

The tasks given to me during the internship were mainly research work, updating the legal database and assisting the organization in the court procedures.

I was communicated in advance to browse through ITPA, 1956 (Immoral Traffic Prevention Act) and The Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2000 before my internship starts.

This made my work with the organization easier since this organisation supports victims of Trafficking, slavery and other atrocities committed towards juveniles.

There used to be two court visits on an average every week and I had to accompany the concerned person to various courts to take down notes of the cases and report it to my mentor at the end of the day via e-mail.

My mentor used to assign me my daily work either over the phone or via skype (must to have an account to intern or work here) and I had to report the progress to her at the end of the day before I left office.

I drafted the first legal document as a person associated with the field of law during this internship. After a communication on the format by my mentor and looking into samples on the internet I independently drafted a Vakalatnama.


Justice & Care, Kolkata is a one floor office in a building situated at the end of a by-lane near Kalighat Metro Station.

Work Environment, People

Each and every associate of this organization at Kolkata and also the ones from the other branches whom I have met are really nice person and willing to help you whenever you need their help. It is like a family who work together and enjoy their work every second and one shall feel embraced into the family on the very first day.

As far as the work environment is concerned since there is no legal department in Kolkata (there wasn’t one in 2012, maybe they have one now) there is not much work pressure.

1. The entire team sits (I hope it is done even till date) in a circle every morning before the work starts and prays to the almighty for the welfare of the victims they are taking care of and the people working with the organization;

2. Since, I was the only person associated with the field on law in the Kolkata branch, I was often addressed as ‘ukil-babu’ (lawyer) by the associates;

3. I was given a desk with a computer to work on from the very first day of my internship;

4. The wonderful people I worked with;



Any Other Thing

Often there was no work and I had to sit idle or keep myself busy with facebook/mobile phone.

In the words of the sweetest person in the Kolkata branch of Justice & Care, “Be honest, help people, do good and goodness will come to you”.

Justice & Care is a nice NGO to intern with during the pre-law years.

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