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Jatadhari Shivam

Bharti Vidya Peeth new law college, started second year

Email: [email protected]

Name of Organisation, Location, Team Strength

Jamshedpur Civil Court, Jamshedpur (Tatanagar)

Application Process

As it was in my first year and was a novice in the field of law I contacted Mr. Agarwal, who is a senior lawyer at the court with over 20 years of experience in the field and is a reputed member of the bar. He accepted me as an intern.

Duration of Internship and Timings

My internship started in the month of November and ended in December, 2013. The timing was from 10 to 3 in afternoon.

First Impression, First Day Formalities, Infrastructure

The first impression was kind of confusing as the court was full of people flowing in and out an the hustle and bustle, but as the days passed by I got familiar with the environment and everything started to seem soothing to me.

There were no formalities involved as such, just the pupil need to be punctual in timing.

Main Tasks

My main task was to read the various cases filed at the court and attend the proceedings of the different courts.

Main objective was to understand the basics of the how the judiciary works and what are the process involved.

Work Environment and People

The work environment was good throughout and there were people who were troubled and were buzzing all around, the biggest thing I learned was patience and hear to people and there problem they had came with for the justice.

Best Things

The energetic environment and the great ambiance and the hustle and bustle.

Bad Things

Nothing bad about this internship.



Biggest Lessons

The biggest lesson I have learnt is keeping patience and I realized that people are very compromising with the legal system and look upon the judiciary process as a lengthy and full of burden . This mindset need to be manipulated and need to be overcome.

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