Internship Experience @ Jaggi Jaggi and Jaggi Law Firm, New Delhi: Drafting Work, Lots to Learn

Intern Details

 I am Harshit Hassanwalia, a 5th Semester student pursuing B.A.LL.B (H) in Amity University, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, sharing my Internship experience

Name of the Advocate/ Firm  

Internship in Jaggi Jaggi & Jaggi Attorneys at Law, New Delhi


23rd May, 2016 to  22nd June, 2016

Application Procedure

I applied through a contact by sending my CV, but was selected for the Internship only after being Interviewed and tested by Mr. Jaggi.

Internship Experience

Mr. Jaggi grilled me really hard in the Interview prior to my Joining but fortunately I was selected by him and hence was told to Join the office from Monday, May 23, 2016 for Summer Internship.

I was pretty nervous at the instance, but gradually, I gained confidence and the rest of the weeks went well, and without much hesitation, and shilly-shally. I was astonished to see that he had around 600 Internship Applications, from which, he had chosen only two of us, to be interns under him, in the summer holidays.

The starting days were a little awkward and uncomfortable for me as I was a little timid in mixing up with my colleagues, intern-mates and staff. But as days passed by, I became comfortable with every office colleague .There were two clerks, a Senior Associate and a fellow Intern with me, at the time of my joining.

Sir had kept an Ice-Breaker session for the Interns and Staff, so that we could mix up quickly as he had this idea that the optimum results can only be obtained, by a healthy partnership, between Staff and the Office Colleagues.

The Chamber was very spacious and immaculate and the milieu in the workplace was in itself encouraging for Staff and the Interns. Working Environment was very good and the interiors were apt for an Advocates Chamber

Mr. Jaggi entrusted his full confidence in every duty that he gave me, and also was ever ready to help me, with one and all difficulties, that I had encountered   in completing any work, given by him.

Sir made strenuous efforts to teach me the extremely vital art of Legal Draftsman ship. He made me draft many Legal Documents, and, also taught me different ways through which Legal Documents can be drafted effectively.  He said that Drafting is the soul of Legal Advocacy and says that if you have mastered the art of Legal Draftsman Ship, then you will automatically conquer the Legal world.

Mr Jaggi also made me visit some court cases in the High Court and Lower Court and accompany his fellow associates. I was given a lot of work of different kind’s everyday ranging from Drafting Legal Documents to Legal Notices to writing replies to letters, taking dictations and doing research on various topics for helping Sir is various cases.

I was bamboozled to see, the varsity of cases that Sir handled, and still showed no signs of annoyance and confusion whatsoever, in working on all of them. His calm and composed nature has helped him to cope up with such amount of work load, even at this age.

He is an Epitome of knowledge and I bet you will find very less other Lawyers who would match stature when it comes to the Knowledge about International Laws, English Law being his Forte. He was basically an encyclopaedia of knowledge for us as he would clear out our every doubt, beyond the level of any doubt.

Mr Jaggi is a master, when it comes to the art of Legal Draftsman ship. His stupendous command over English language, can make you doubt if you were studying in an English Medium or not. His witty sarcasm can make you run for cover, as I bet, very less can subdue him with literary power.

He always used to say that sarcasm is like electricity, half of India still doesn’t get it, whereas Brits always have all Bulbs shining. He made me aware about a lot of figure of speeches. like Paraprosdokians which are very famous in the West. He would everyday come up with a different news article or share some unique news article with us.

Mr Jaggi made strenuous efforts to teach us some basic voice modulations while speaking in courts. He also taught me some basic rules of Client Interviewing and taking notes side by side.

Mr. Jaggi focused only on two things:

  • Punctuality
  • Outcome

While taking my Internship Certificate, at the end of the 1 month fruitful journey, Sir made it clear that his chambers doors are always open for me and I can come here any day and anytime.

I would like to add one more thing to summarise it all, there are only few Top Lawyers like Mr. Jaggi who would take such pains, to bring out the best out of you, to teach you some important practical things that no one is able to learn until you start practising as a lawyer.

He will undoubtedly make a lasting impression on your personality, and will try to shape your behaviour slowly up to the aristocratic levels of which he possesses. He had a quote hanging on the wall behind his chair, which was a definite eye catcher, and hence I would like to mention the same – “The Greatest trust between a man and man is the trust of giving counsel”.

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