Internship Experience @ Jaggi Jaggi And Jaggi Law Firm, Delhi: Amazing & Fun Learning Experience {S}

Intern Details

Name: Meghna Nimbekar

Year of Study: Second Year

Duration of Internship

2nd July, 2016 to 2nd August, 2016

Internship Experience

Like any other law student, I was apprehensive of going for my first internship. Little did I know, that working with Mr. Jaggi would bring out not only the Best in me, but also help me strengthen my confidence, which forms an integral part of a lawyer’s holistic development.

The work environment becomes all the more pleasant, with Mr. Jaggi taking care of each one of us like his own child. He does not hesitate to teach us the basic concepts of law first, and then move on to work on drafting, conveyancing and so on. Sir considers himself as our teacher first and teaches the best. His use of imagery and  the best of all possible words in the English language, helps us crave to learn more and strive to get better each time.

Sir and I have a very strong liking for Administrative Law and it becomes all the more interesting when he is talking to us about this particular field of Law. Sir gives all the interns a great forum all the time, and does not allow us to feel low at any point. He is a firm disciplinarian and this way, he helps his little ones to develop and maintain the image of an amazing Advocate.

Mr. Jaggi told us that he always wants to see us better than the rest, so that we have an edge over the others. This attitude of Sir’s is more than appealing and there always remains a quest for doing better than our own self, all the time.

Sir calls me to be extraordinary, which has always given me this boost in my thinking and also my confidence, so much so that I always work harder in order to keep that word for myself.

It is an amazing and a fun learning experience at his Chambers. One should not even think for jiffy before applying for an internship with sir. That’s how you say that God has His little Angels to bring you to the best possible position!

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