Internship Experience @ Jaggi Jaggi & Jaggi Associates, Delhi: Great Work Environment, Learn Drafting

Intern Details

Rajul Chaturvedi, 2nd year, National Law University Odisha, Cuttack.

Name of the Organization

Jaggi Jaggi & Jaggi, New Delhi

Address: 312, Lawyers’ Chambers, Sher Shah Road, Delhi High Court, New Delhi-110003

Application Procedure

One can apply for the internship by e-mailing the cover letter and CV. And after a few follows if no reply is received then one can make a call in the office.

The Office staff and especially Mr. Jaggi make sure no applications go unanswered. All are very friendly and professional in the office.

Duration of the Internship

3 weeks

1st December 2016 to 21st December 2016

First Day at Internship

Normally the first day of work for any intern comprises a formal introduction, getting familiar with the work they would do in the office, knowing the co-interns and Sir/Ma’am would ask questions based on your CV.

But if you are an intern at Mr. Jaggi’s office the first day of your work would be all the above mentioned things along with Mr. Jaggi observing you and your actions completely.

Mr. Jaggi is very particular about how a person behaves and how well he or she is aware of his or her surroundings.

Questions like what did you see in the room which relates to your school or what is the color of the wall behind you or what is the total number of computers in the office may seem very vague or insignificant but according to Mr. Jaggi these are of paramount importance.

First impressions tell very much about us and in any job interview where we get only one chance to prove ourselves our conduct is of prime importance.

Mr. Jaggi makes note of all the actions intern do consciously or unconsciously and thereby teaching us the impact of our actions.

Positives Things about Internship

One of the best things about this internship is that Mr. Jaggi personally teaches the interns.

Unlike other internships where the junior associates allot work to the interns, here Mr. Jaggi himself explains how to do, what to do and then corrects any mistakes made. Mr. Jaggi is very interactive and easily approachable.

Another good thing is the friendly nature of the staff and Mr. Jaggi himself. Mr Jaggi was  concerned about the health of the interns and the problems we faced while staying in Delhi.

He was encouraging and understanding, always motivating interns to work.

Also Mr. Jaggi is an expert when it comes to legal drafting. According to him what you write says it all. There is a huge difference between a draft and a good draft.

One should draft in such a way that there remains no scope for anybody to find an escape route and should be vigilant enough to find the same in others’ drafts. A good English, knowledge of law and applicability of mind at the right place is essential.

Mr. Jaggi is always eager to learn. According to him with each intern he also learns something new. He considers each intern his responsibility and teaches them everything he knows or has learned from his experience. Mr. Jaggi has a good command over English language.

Official Timings

The Official timing is 10 am to 5 pm. Saturday & Sunday are off.


This internship was not just about learning legal drafting or office work but a journey of 21 days in itself. Apart form the work it taught me many other things. Being a smart lawyer is different from being a good lawyer.

Mr. Jaggi always encouraged us to think big and look at the big picture. He not only taught us about legal work but also lessons of life. Being a very good and experienced person he is very down to earth.

After work we everyday used to sit and talk about various things. It was fun and a complete enriching experience. Mr. Jaggi along with correcting my mistakes boosted my confidence.


No Stipend.



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