Internship Experience @ iPleaders: Intelligent Legal Solutions, Mumbai: Friendly Environ, Writing Tasks

Name of the organisation: iPleaders Intelligent Legal Solutions , Mumbai

Name of the intern: Ila Vyas, Bharati Vidyapeeth’s New Law College, Pune , B.B.A-LL.B. 3rd year

Application procedure. Internship contact details: Send your applications along with a write-up of yours. For eg. an article written by you or a blog post, an abstract, etc. any write-up. Mail your Cover letter, CV and a write-up to [email protected] .

Duration: 3 weeks

First impression: Ramanuj Mukherjee and his inspiring blog posts had already made a good impression about the firm on my mind. And sitting in front of someone whose blog posts inspired me so much was more than amazing.

On my first day I was asked that where all I have interned and what all I have learnt in those internships, and what are my expectations from this internship, what are my career choices, why I think internship would help me.

Main tasks: Basically an internship at iPleaders is very good for those people who want improve upon their writing skills. Your basic task is to write articles on various topics of law.

The best thing about this internship is that this will help you create a structure in your writing, you can learn where your writing skills lack and in which area of your writing, you should improve upon. Sometimes you are given such kind off topics about which you have never even heard off, so you get to work on some amazing legal topics and discover more in law.

This internship is also for you if you are interested learning extra things like blogging and online legal education. One gets to learn about how these kind of courses are made.

Work environment, people: Abhyudaya , Ramanuj and Pallavi. Best kind off people to work with. They are very friendly .They give you a lot of guidance regarding you careers and how to get internships, how to improve upon writing skills, and how to become a good corporate lawyer.

Bad things: For those people who don’t want to do any creative work apart from mainstream legal work, this intern mite not work out for such people.

Best things? If you are a start-up enthusiast, then iPleaders the place for you. If you love writing the this the place for you. If you want to discover more in legal field then this a really good place. If you have creativity and want to do other things apart from legal work then it would be a nice idea to intern here.

And the best part is that you can get guidance regarding your career from Ramanuj and Abhyudaya, former Trilegal associates

What did you do to chill? I could go out to have coffee whenever I felt tired. Sometimes I would even get the company of Ramanuj and Abhyudaya for coffee and they would tell me more about the work culture at law firms and how to perform better at law firms.

Stipend/ month: No stipend

Do you have 15 minutes to spare? 

If yes, then please do share your internship experience here.

You’ll help 1000’s of law students make good, well-informed decisions about their internships. Thank you!


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