Internship Experience @ iPleaders, Delhi: Friendly and a Cooperative Environment

Name of the Student

Shubhi Agarwal

2nd Year, Lloyd Law College

Email id: [email protected]



Website: Click HERE.

About Organization

It is well organized legal education startup which works on improving the career of law students and giving them opportunities to work better in their field.

Duration of the Internship

1 month


10.00 am to 7.00 pm

Main Task Work Profile

1. Researching

2. Blogging

3. Legal Writing

4. Assisting

Work Environment

A friendly and a cooperative environment. Work seems to be done with great enthusiasm.


No Stipend.

First Day at Organization

At the very 1st day of my internship I was a bit nervous but very curious because, it was my first work ever.

I was keen to learn new things as well as scared if I was able to fulfill the tasks or not, but the day went of nicely and I completed my tasks and got a good appreciation for it.

Best Part of Internship

Things learnt can never be forgotten

Biggest Lesson

It was one of the best decisions I have ever taken as interning with iPleaders improved my researching skills which further helped me in my Moot Court Competitions.

Message to other Law Students

I suggest every Law Student to at least intern at iPleaders once so that they can have a strong base at Law as a subject as well as profession .

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