Internship Experience @ iPleaders, Delhi: Research Work, Blog Writing

Name, College, year:

1. Name: Varun Sharma

2. Year: 2nd Year

3. College: Campus Law Centre, University of Delhi

Organisation and address:

1. Name of the Organisation: iPleaders Intelligent Legal Risk Management Solutions LLP

2. Office address: 33A, Mehrauli-Badarpur Rd, Siadul Ajab, Saket, New Delhi, 110030

Duration of internship:

1st August- 31st August 2018

Application procedure:

I sent an email for the internship in August even though there was no notification for that month. I got a response in approx 1 month. They wanted me to write an article so that they can gauge my writing abilities.

Once I submitted the article, I received the acceptance email within 3 weeks. I mailed my resume at [email protected].

Also, I had applied 3 months in advance to be on the safer side but there were interns with me who had applied a lot later than me.

First day formalities, infrastructure, first impression:

There was no such formal induction. I reached the office by 10 and was asked to give my details to the HR lady. After that, a conference call was arranged with Anubhav who handles all the interns working on the blog.

We were about 8-9 interns.

He gave us an introduction as to how the blogs are supposed to be formatted. After that, topics were allotted to the interns and we went straight to business.

Main tasks:

The main task is writing blogs for the iPleaders blog. The topic is allotted to each intern. You are required to write a well-researched article that covers all the relevant aspects of the allotted topic.

It generally takes 2 days to write a good blog when you start the internship but slowly you start to better your time as you delve deep into the writing process.

Other tasks are reviewing your co-interns articles. An article goes through 2 levels of editing. One is when you get inputs from your co-interns and the second is when you finally put it for review from Anubhav.

Once your article is reviewed by Anubhav, he schedules it to be published on the blog.

Work environment:

The work environment is the best thing at iPleaders. You are allowed to work at your own pace. As long as you are finishing the work allotted to you, there is no problem if you having some fun doing it.

The work environment is really informal and it is really to settle in. To put it succinctly, the work environment at iPleader was “chill”

Good things:

You get to exhibit your work to a large number of people who are regular visitors of the blog.

The iPleaders blog is India’s largest legal platform and publishing your work there not only helps you in your law career but also gives you great satisfaction that your work has been published by an appropriate platform.

Also, you get to meet some really nice people while interning here.

Bad things:


Accommodation, commuting to office:

The office is situated near Saket metro station. It might be difficult for the uninitiated to easily reach the office. Look for Lingaya Academy. The office is near this building.

Alternatively, you can also call someone in the office but do that only if you have exhausted all other means of finding the office.

I live in Shastri Nagar and use to travel by metro. The commute was nearly 1 hour long. It is also important to reach the office on time.

Reaching the office late can cost you half-day worth of attendance.




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