Niyant Hegde, State University at New York, School of Legal Studies, CMR University

Name of Organisation, Location

IndusLaw, Bangalore


The corporate office is divided into two teams – Advisory team and the Transaction team. I worked with both teams during my internship.

Application Process

I applied to their HR department, whose email is available through their website.

I had two co-interns from a National Law School who told me that they had been subject to a telephonic interview before being allowed to intern but no such interview was held for me.

I was in direct coordination with the HR team by email. Replies were fairly prompt.

Duration of internship and timings

I interned from December 2014 to January 2015, i.e. a month. The office worked five days a week from 10 to 7.30 for interns, and on alternate Saturdays.

Initially I used to leave by 6.30 because it would take me two hours to reach home; but this became an issue and I got warned that I had to stay till 7.30 every day.


The office was swanky and comfortable. The interns had a separate cubicle, sort of cut off from the rest of the office. The associates sat according to their teams.

There was a pantry and everyday snacks were organized for everyone in the evening. This ranged from pani puri, (yeah, we had a pani puri waalah come into office and make them) to sandwiches and rava upma from Adiga’s.


I can’t help but complain about how miserable the Bangalore public transport system is. There are no direct buses to go anywhere.

Everything takes forever and is mighty expensive.


Since I had family in Bangalore, I stayed with them although the commute was a bit painful.

The other interns in my office were staying at Paying Guest Accommodations which were reasonable around the area, i.e. Brigade Road, Church Street etc.

Some of the Accommodations are frightfully expensive so you might want to do a thorough check before deciding on one.

First Day/ First Impressions

When I joined, there were three other interns already in my team. I was introduced to the HR person I was in touch with and she told me to wait until she allots me a laptop and introduces me to everyone.

Quick introductions were done but still no laptop was allotted until two days later.

Other Work Tasks

Finally when I settled down, there was not much work allotted. And even if there was, since there were four of us, it would always get divided. In general, the office’s attitude towards interns was like their attitude to furniture.

Some associates though did give me interesting work– research on Private Equity, Due Diligence, FEMA, IPR, etc.

The best week of the internship was the penultimate week where one associate was impressed with my work and took me directly to discuss it with the partner.

Until then we were neither introduced to the partners, nor interacted with them. The issues were pertaining to gaming law and something that I had not worked on before. I thoroughly enjoyed that week of the internship.

Assessment/ Presentation

All interns were supposed to be allotted a mentor for their presentation on a particular topic chosen either by them or given by the firm. This would have to be made at the end of the internship.

My mentor was really sweet and helpful, and I chose Taxation of Alternative Investment Funds to present on. We were to find time in between our usual work tasks to work on the Presentation.

These presentations would be attended by all the associates who were available and was done through tele-conferencing so all the offices across the country would also be listening in.

My presentation went off really well although I had very little time to prepare. There were questions by associates and most of them were genuinely interested in listening to what I had to say.

Work Environment

There was a Christmas Treasure Hunt organized on one day and it was hilarious because the clues were based on legal principles/ judgements etc. and that day the interns were used more than we were on any other day.

They were also divided into teams and were playing pranks on each other every other day. This included shifting associates’ chest of drawers and stealing lunchboxes.


Yes, performance based.

Best Things
  1. The office had a system of presentations every week on Friday when we had to go early. These were really interesting and provided an amazing opportunity to learn about various elements in Private Equity contracts.
  2. Since the office is so centrally located, we were spoilt for choice when it came to food; some places I recommend:
  3. Truffles Ice and Spice
  4. Nandhinee for South Indian meals
  5. Once the associates trust you, the work they give you is very interesting. The problem with short term internships is that there very rarely is time to gain that trust.