Internship Experience @ Indian Red Cross Society, Patna: Friendly Environment, Field Visits



Name of Organisation, Location, Team Strength

Indian Red Cross Society, North Gandhi Maidan, Patna, Bihar

Application Process

I went directly to their office and applied for internship by submitting.

Recommendation letter of my college.

Another procedure is one can call in their office and can ask for internship.

Contact number of their office is available on the website.

Duration of internship and timings

I interned there for a period of 1 month.

Office timings were flexible.

I used to be in the office from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

It was a 3 floor building with a strength of around 30 people.

On first day after completing the normal formalities the people explained me about the works that i was supposed to do and the rules and regulations that I had to follow.

We were supposed to wear formals.

Main tasks

I was asked to prepare a report on History of Red Cross, Areas in which it works, Principles that it follows, works done in field of Disaster relief and disaster management.

I had to prepare statistical report on works done by the institution in the field of Collection of blood in blood banks, Hospital services and Homes for disabled servicemen.

There was some field work too to vocational training centers, Maternity and child welfare centers and Nursing homes.

Work environment and people

The people were good and friendly.

They were available to help out in case of any confusion.

They didn’t use to scold for any mistake.

They use to consider the interns as part of their team.

They used to explain each and every work before assigning it to anybody.

Other interns were also very friendly. so, i never felt bored.

Best things

Friendly environment and nature of people was a great thing there.

There are so many places to hang out there.

So, we used to roam around after finishing our work early.

The field work was so good.

It was a completely different experience from normal boring routine work.

Bad things

There were many days on which there was no work and we had to sit idle and on few days we had to do clerical work that was so boring and there was so much mis-management there that used to create trouble for us.


No stipend.

Biggest Lessons

Its always good to start your first internship in a NGO.

It gives a very different kind of experience from normal and routine work in a law firm.

Because during the field work one comes across real things and you need to tackle it at that point only without reading a book or something.

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  1. I’m interested to work with Red Cross Society. Please inform me that if there is a chance for one month internship in Ernakulam RC Society .


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