Internship Experience @ Senior Advocate Geeta Luthra, New Delhi: It was always fun to work upon any given matter


Saunak Rajguru, School of Law, KIIT University, Bhubaneswar


1 month. February, 2017

Application procedure

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Location and details of the office

The office is situated in the basement of A-35, East of Kailash, New Delhi. The ever-happy retriever, Simba welcomes you at the gate and the associates out there claim that Simba is a treat to be with after the tiring Court hours.

The office comprises of a small reception area, cabins and desks for associates, and two separate posh cabins one of Geeta Ma’am and the other belongs to her Partner, Mr. Sanjeev Sahay. Both those cabins were very spacious and full of books, from the floor to the ceiling.

There is also an Interns room where all the interns are made to sit and that forms their place of work.

Day One Formalities

I had been informed by madam’s PS to report in 109, Lawyers Chambers on my first day sharp at 9 :30 am.

I reached on time and found a charming personality in the form of Hira Ji, Office Clerk who asked me to get the passes done for entering the Court’s main building.

Upon returning after getting the passes made, I was asked to report in a Court Room for a matter.

Post Court hours, I reported in the office, wherein we all were formally introduced to the associates and therein we were given research work.

The Routine

The interns are supposed to report to the designated court every day at 9.45 am in case of HC, PHC, Saket, SC and at 9 :15 am in case of Karkadooma and Tis Hazari or as assigned by the associates the previous night.

During Court hours, the interns are tasked with updating the associates with the Case Board before a matter comes up and also assist the associates in any urgent research to be done in the HC’s library.

Ma’am being a senior advocate, generally has numerous matters listed on a single day, so the Court hours offer great chances of understanding the procedural aspects involved in various types of cases and observing Ma’am arguing on a daily basis in the Court was the best part of this internship.

You get to learn the manner of argumentation alongside getting a lot of legal knowledge.

After the Court hours, one is required to head back to the office. There is no fixed time to get back to the office and it solely depends upon the amount of Court work that exists on a given day.

The interns are allowed to take a a short break after reaching the office and once all the associates are back from the Court, the interns are allotted tasks for the day.

There is no fixed time to leave the office. The general time is considered to be somewhere between 8:30 pm – 9 pm, however, the same often extended till 10 pm.

I usually left around 10 pm from the office, but on days when there’s an urgent matter to be filed the next day, I used to assist the associates till late in the night. On a couple of occasions it became close to 1 am in the night.

To be honest, the work was so interesting and the associates were so encouraging in the office that it was always fun to work upon any given matter.

My Tasks

On the very first day I was assigned work by Shivani Ma’am, Geeta Ma’am’s daughter to research upon certain aspects of Special Marriage Act.

From the next day onwards I used to assist Shreya Ma’am, Senior Associate on various matters that she was working on.

It was a great learning experience under her to deal with certain challenging matters, matters which hardly had any precedents and thereby applying the legal reasoning was my biggest intake out there.

I was given work by other associates too, but the maximum of my tasks were given Shreya Ma’am.

Working with an associate in the office also necessitates you to report along with the same associate whenever that matter comes up for hearing.

This kind of policy set in the office also made sure that, I got to know all the perspectives of the matters that I was researching and the points raised by the Hon’ble Bench to Ma’am’s arguments. The whole process was a real time experience.

I researched upon various areas of law including PFA Act, Anti-Suit Injunctions, Family Law, CPC, Criminal Laws, Competition Law, Consumer Law and Arbitration Act. Further I attended two arbitration proceedings where Ma’am was a Counsel.

Moreover, I was also tasked with researching upon the concept of Populism for one of Ma’am’s debate speeches and upon the concept of Reformative Justice for one of her seminars where she was a panelist.

Food Options 

Interns are allowed to take quick breaks amidst working hours to arrange themselves foods.

There are lot of restaurants who deliver food out there and for snacks, it is sometimes arranged in the office or one can get some really tasty samosas from a nearby shop.

During Court hours, I won’t give any suggestion other than the HC canteen (inner) as it serves great food at minimal cost.

Best Things

I would only like to mention that this was the best Lit Internship I have done till date and working in such an encouraging office was great fun.

Bad Things




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