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Internship Experience @ iPleaders: Work as a Researcher and Blogger {S}

By: Deepshi Singh | April 30, 2016
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Shubhi Agarwal, Lloyd Law College, 2nd year

Internship Experience

I was an intern at iPleaders, which is a legal education based startup. I worked there as a researcher and blogger.

To be honest, at the first instant it was little difficult for me to understand the work  that I used to get from my mentor but gradually I learnt and got 3 of my blogs got published in my first year of college which was  a great achievement for me.

I wrote an article on Corporate fraud which was well praised by my mentor and he told me that he would include it as a chapter in one of the online courses by NUJS, Kolkata.

When I decided to intern at iPleaders, everybody was apprehensive as to why was I interning there in my first year as I was too young and inexperienced. But now I feel that it was one of the wisest decisions that I ever made. The same people now congratulate me for my work.

I had begun there by making events calendar, then I wrote articles and blogs and also learnt a little about corporate laws which I could have not have otherwise learnt before my fourth year. I also made a few legal contacts.

Internships are always a learning experience and this was one a great one also because it was my first internship.

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