Internship Experience at All Indian Human Rights Commission, Delhi: Valuable Insights in Research & Human Rights [App Exclusive]


Name of the intern


Name of your college

Kalinga University, Atal Nagar, Raipur.

Name of the course and year of study

B.A LL.B | 7th Semester | 4th Year

Name and address of the organisation

All Indian Human Rights Commission (AIHRA) New Delhi.

Duration of internship

From: 01/06/2021 Till: 30/06/2021

How did you apply for the internship?

I’ve applied for the internship through Lawctopus’s website. Since I came across the google form there, and filled all the necessary details.

After 7-8 days I was added to their telegram group through the link with which they provided the mail.

First day formalities, infrastructure, first impression

Though this internship was a virtual internship so, on the first day we all met through a telegram group call where ma’am introduced the All India Human Rights Association (AIHRA).

And later we introduced ourselves which was a great experience, as there were some students who were from different countries, so knowing there experiences was great.

Main Tasks

Basically, they allotted us three tasks one after the another.

The first task was to compare the human rights of our country with other developing nations through which we learnt what are the positive points and negative points of our country.

The second task was to tell the incident which took place in our locality that has breached the human rights of citizens.

The third task was to elaborate the role of students in guaranteeing the protection of human rights.

Thus, all the three tasks were very interesting and developed a keen interest in me, being a human rights activist.

Work Environment

The work environment was friendly as ma’am assigned us the topic and after some days we had to submit our work to them. 

Good Things

The good thing about this internship was that there wasn’t much work stress, the only thing you had to do was to complete your task before the deadlines.

Even after completing the internship you could be a part of AIHRA as they selected students based on their performance and this got students their ID cards at their home address as a human rights activist.

They had to check whether some an individual’s human right was violated or not.

And if it was violated then they had to be made aware about their rights.

And on December 10, every year, on the occasion of National Human Rights Day all the activists are honored, which is a pride moment for all.

Also, all the interns are allowed to visit the office at Delhi whenever they want to.

Bad Things

There is no such bad thing about this internship.


No, they haven’t provided any stipend.

Details about accommodation and commute

This was an online internship so accommodation was not an issue for me.

Anything else?

All the details I have mentioned above.

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