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Internship Experience @ Human Rights Law Network (HRLN), Kolkata: Intern at least once at such organisations


Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Lan Francis, Bharata Mata School of Legal Studies, Kochi, 3rd Year

Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

Human Rights Law Network, Kochi, Team Strength : 10-150

Application Process with contact details

Anyone who wishes to intern at HRLN needs to first contact them via email. The email ID is [email protected]

Once you have sent the email, you need to follow up with 2-3 phone calls. They are happy to take in interns as long as you are willing to be serious with your internship.

Duration of internship and timings

April 12th, 2016 – April 26th, 2016 (3 Weeks).

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

This was my first internship with an NGO, and I was quite excited. The first day we had to meet Miss. Gopika, the one in charge of interns, and she took us to Miss. Sandhya, the President of HRLN.

She is a practising lawyer, and very friendly with the interns. She is always happy to listen to them and help you work on projects which you have interest in.

I went a team of 5 other students from my college and the office was having 20-30 interns already.

The office is quite small, yet they try their best to make you feel comfortable. But don’t let the look of the office let you down, because the work they give, and the things you learn there – its an experience you can cherish for a lifetime.

P.S. They have a computer and wifi available for you to use for research purposes.

Main tasks

Tasks alloted to you will depend on your interests. There is always one compulsory task allotted to you by them, which you have to submit a report on by the end of your internship.

That will mainly involve preparing charts and taking surveys for any particular project they have in hand.

Besides this, if you are good with drafting they will give you plenty of drafting work.

Apart from all this, if you have a project in mind (relating to human rights violations), you can discuss about it with your internship coordinator and if she likes it she will suggest it to Sandhya Ma’am.

Work environment and people

The work environment is quite fun. You get to meet alot of people, take part in legal aid camps etc. which can help you get a good exposure to the public. All the staffs are friendly, and by the time you leave the place you would feel like they are a part of your family.

Best things

Best thing is that you can come up with your own ideas and work on areas of human rights which you wish to work on.

Present your idea before Ma’am and if she approves it, the entire team at HRLN will assist you with that project and take it forward, which I believe is the best thing about HRLN.

Also, the certificate. They clearly mention what all areas you worked on and highlight your skills in the certificate.

Apart from this, if you just walk 300m to the main road there are so many awesome restaurants out there. And there’s Centre Square, a popular Mall in Kochi which is hardly 1 Km from the internship office.

If you’re interning with your friends or not, you will anyhow manage to enjoy the internship.

Bad things

Bad thing is, if you go there and don’t want to do any work you can just sit there doing nothing.

They try asking you to work on this and that, but after a while they stop forcing you. So you may find people there who hardly do any work or people who bunk often (I bunked a couple of times) and still manage to get a certificate.

However this shouldn’t be a problem because they give a detailed certificate to those who actually work hard.


No stipend. Its more like working for a social cause. I didn’t go there expecting any stipend.

Biggest Lessons

When the world is too busy chasing their own dreams, there exists people like the ones who you will meet at HRLN.

They don’t work there for money (the salary is hardly anything), they work there to reach out law to all sections of the society.

I believe any budding lawyer should intern and work with organisations like this at least once, it will help you discover a new you.

Office Timings

Timings is from 9.30AM to 5PM. They are quite relaxed with timings and let you come by 10AM and leave by 4PM once a while. However, if you make it a habit, then they will ring up your college and inform them.


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