Internship Experience @ Haryana State Legal Service Authority, Panchkula: Visit the Ambala Jail, Old Age Homes, Children Welfare Homes, Awareness Camps & Police Stations

Your Name

Vivek Bansal

Name of Organisation

Haryana State Legal Service Authority, Panchkula, 13 people (approximately)

Application Process

I submitted my curriculum vitae with internship cell of my department.

There they send it to HSLSA and I was notified about the confirmation of internship and date and time to report there.

Duration of internship

June 1, 2015 – June 15, 2015

First impression

On first day we were called upon at District Court Panchkula, where there was office of District Legal Service Authority.

At the very first day I introduced myself in the introduction session with Chief Judicial Magistrate/Secretary, DLSA.

In this session, he told about the workings of DLSA team.

Their work is to provide legal aid mainly to the weaker section of the society, to the women, children and other poor people who are not able to pay off the court fee and other litigation expenses.

They also give awards after the resolution of dispute if needed.

The scope of DLSA is increasing day by day with the passage of time.

Main tasks

Our main task was to observe the working of the courts.

To see the mediation and conciliation process.

To visit the Ambala Jail, Old Age Home, Children Welfare Home, Awareness Camp, Police Station and last but not the least to observe the proceedings in Lok Adalat i.e. Public Utility Service.

Work environment and people

Working environment was awesome as we were made aware about the new laws and reality of practicality with the help of surroundings.

We also participated in awareness camp which was a great experience.

People working were very good at their work.

They put in all efforts to give us all the knowledge about the working of various departments.

Best things

Best thing was we were taken to new places every day.

Every day there were new departments we have to visit.

So there was diversity in work in different departments which part us with great knowledge.

Moreover visiting new places gave us a good exposure.

Bad things

Sometime there was lack of punctuality from interns side but even then there was no such strictness from the authorities to keep check on the punctuality of interns.



Biggest Lessons

Biggest Lesson I got in the visit of Central Jail in Ambala, where Nathuram Godse was hanged.

We visited the cells in the jail and they also told us about the software being used by them to keep the record of the prisoners.

I also got to know about the informal procedure used in Lok Adalat.

And also became aware of category of people who can get free legal aid from legal service authority.

Any Other Thing

It was knowledgeable as well as fun in internship.

We had visit to different places, that part with us great knowledge and also with exposure.

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