Online Internship Experience at Gujarat Grassroots Innovation Augmentation Network: Interesting Work

Name Of The Student, College, Year Of Study

Kanta Chouhan, 4th Year, Five Year Law College, University Of Rajasthan, Jaipur. 

Name And Full Address Of The Organization

Gujarat Grassroots Innovation Augmentation Network (Giandoot), Mansi Cross Road, Judges  Bungalow Rd, Satellite jayma society, Satellite, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, 380015 

Duration Of Internship

1 month internship, From 25th January, 2021 to 25th February 2021

Mode Of Internship 

It was an online internship. 

How To Apply 

I applied through a google form which was circulated in our college group however, you can  apply through their website too. 

First Day Formalities, Main Tasks, Experience, Lesson Learnt

About The Oganization 

Prof. Anil K. Gupta is the founder of the organization and Dr. Anamika Day is the  C.E.O. This Organization was set-up in the march, 1997 which was supported by  government of Gujarat too. It is India’s first technology business incubator which  mainly focuses on the commercialization and incubation of the grassroots innovations. 

First Day Formalities 

After my acceptance of application I got an email stating about the same. And then in  the evening, all the selected candidates and honorary members of the organization had  a call on zoom. Where we were welcomed and we were made aware of of the duties  and the purpose of this organization. 

Main Tasks 

1) The internship started with the allotment of unique codes to each intern through  official whatsapp group and emails. Then, we were asked to fill a form where we  had to submit our personal information for the future references. 

2) Our internship started with the task of scouting and documentation, where we had  to submit 5-10 grassroot innovation which we might have found on newspaper or  on any website or in the nearby areas. We had to submit the full name of innovator,  the name of innovation, the image of innovation and such other details. Each day  outstanding scouters were announced which was really motivating. 

3) We were followed with regular calls, messages, and emails despite being an online  internship full exposure was given to us. We could make queries anytime and  everything was thoroughly professional. 

4) At the end of internship, we were asked to draft various forms for the innovators  who could apply for grants and any other aid needed for their innovation by filling  those forms. And we received our internship certificated via posts and soft copies  of the same were also provided. 

Good Things  

  • In these covid times being able to work from the comfort of our homes is the  biggest perk of this internship. 
  • They usually provide on field internship but made specual arrangement of  online internship keeping in mind the pandemic. 
  • Internship Certificate. 
  • Quick response to queries. 
  • Thorough Professionalism. 
  • Researching on various innovations. 
  • Drafting forms. 
  • Most importantly, providing assistance to grassroot innovators which is really  motivating. 

Bad Things 

No such bad thing but I wanted to go for on-field work and look closely how  the organization works. 


No such stipend as it was all about getting exposure and learning new things.

Overall Experience 

Overall experience was good, and the most fascinating thing about this internship was  that anyone from any field could apply under this internship and for the law students  they can apply in the patent filing section which provides you really good exposure.

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