Internship Experience @ Goonj, New Delhi: Great Experience for a 1st Year Law Student

Name, Year of Study, College

Yash Dahiya, 2nd year, Amity Law School, Noida.

Name of the Organisation

Goonj, New Delhi.

Application Procedure

You can send your application to [email protected]

Duration of internship and timings

21st May 2018- 19th June 2018, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

First Day Impression, First Day Formalities, Infrastructure

On my first day I went and met Harshie maam and I had a brief interaction with her. After that  I was told to go and visit the processing center. Their main office is in J-93,  Sarita Vihar. The processing center is just near their office and is 5 minute walk distance. In the processing center office,  I met Tushar sir and he told me what I am supposed to do. There were 5 more interns as well who had joined before me.

Main Tasks

Main tasks include working at the processing units, attending and organizing collection camp where people contribute unwanted commodities such as clothes,shoes,books etc.I organized and attended a  Chuppi Todo Baithak which is a discussion among a group of people to normalize menstruation and remove the silence over it.

People share their opinion, experiences etc. I performed Gift by Goonj where you get in contact with an NGO, visit them and provide them the materials they need . Beside that I had to transcript videos and do daily reviews as well.

Work Environment and People

The work environment was really good. Everyone was very sweet and nice. Everyone was very supportive and helped me whenever I had a problem.

Best Things

The best thing for me was performing the Gift by Goonj task.

Bad things

There are no bad things as such.



Best Lesson

A kind and helping person always makes the difference in life.


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