Internship Experience @ Global Legal Associates, Delhi: Court Visits, Lot of Exposure

Name, College, Year of Study

Garima Pandey

Amity Law School, Center 2

III Year, 6th Semester

The Strive of Success

The strive of finishing exams during the month of May-June, ordinary college students are usually planning their vacations so as to how to rejuvenate and revitalize their energy which they’ve lost in the process of managing four modules a night.

But whereas for law students the strive becomes double, plans get devastated and the struggle is never-ending as there has already been something planned in coming process. Right after exams ceases, rings the bell of internship which is extreme hard slogging work.

Lawyers are considered to be life givers as well as takers by the means of providing justice, surely attaining such a title in life wouldn’t come easy. Frankly as an infant I was always made to dream of becoming a doctor, and I tried dreaming the same too but somehow the colour of my coat used to be black instead of white also since the adult most member of the family holds the gratuitous position and an inspiring chieftain of the familial brood too.

Similarly my grandfather inspired the whole upcoming generation by becoming a reverent criminal lawyer of all time, he was an absolute ocean of legal proficiency. Him considering as my role model, I stepped ahead and opted law and promised him to maintain the sanctity of the profession and his name.

My Experience

Hence, soon after my exams ended without seeking help of anyone, I prepared a resume which I now realized was crooked according to my ability but after applying in innumerable places and also getting into some, I opted for Global Legal Associates which was led by Adv. Rajan Narain. He is doyen in the field of Indirect Taxes, Commercial and Competition Laws and has long experience in the field of litigation dealing with diverse subjects.

First Day

First day seemed like a trauma for me as I was struck with major anxiety whether I’m suitable for the place or not but slowly and steadily, managed to become the favourite intern of the place since internships are considered most vital platform in prospective career field, somehow it was just a mere first step towards my longing aspiration.

There were many interns from reputed college, we were told to report at sharp 10:00 AM in the morning where we were made to sit and read newspaper and we had to update our lawyer regarding the same. Then we were given respective cases and certain time to read the case and certainly give the follow up of the same, asking for our opinion as well, which was really appreciative as no lawyer took such an effort and pain.

Mr. Narain used to entertain and address each intern on his own and made a point to assert his authority in such a manner which was highly gratuitous and draconian at the same time. He always asserted on the point that “The future waits for no one”. Never has there been a better time to dive right in.

Hence each and every work was supposedly done in the utmost sincere manner and court visits were equally kept track of, visiting courts and witnessing live cases gave me goose bumps as I witnessed people breaking down, conniving lawyers turning wrong to right and the grin at their faces during the end of case proving the triumph of war like victory and sheer passion left me exhilarated after which I made a point to attend every scheduled case hearing of the firm as well as the meetings.

I believe not everyone is as lucky as me whose first internship rather glimpse of how my life in few years would be, was rewarded by plethora of experiences. It honed my skills and made me more aware so as to how world functions as well as the brutal reality. It was literally like a curtain of realism unveiled which helped me stepping out of my cocooned shell.


In conclusion, my internship at the Global Legal Associates was an outstanding experience. I got a deep and inspiring insight in the work of Legal Field but beyond that Mr. Narain well as the other friendly and cooperative staff members took a lot of effort to make it a helpful experience for me in every way, I was highly enriched with knowledge in accord to my first internship.

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