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Internship Experience @ Fox Mandal, Kolkata: My Greatest Learning Curve Till Date


Name, college, year of study.

Anwesha Bhattacharyya, 3rd Year, Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad.

Name of the Organisation, city.

Fox Mandal, Kolkata.

Application Process with Contact Details.

Send your CV at [email protected]

Tip:  Apply atleast 3 months in early as they get a dearth of interns, after all, The Early Bird Gets The Worm.

Duration of Internship. Timings.

I interned for a period of 21 days in the month of December, 2017, they take an intern upto a maximum of 28 days.

Interns have to reach the office by 10 AM and can generally leave by 6 PM, unless there is pending work.

Tip: Do not procrastinate. Due your work diligently.

First impression:

The very first day, when I entered those glass dates, I was extremely ecstatic , with eyes twinkling with ambition and head held high, I slammed right into an associate.

Quite a nice start, right? There was something that I learnt that day, Your Senior Associate won’t eat you up if you apologize for the mistakes you commit.

The HR assigned us all (about 20 interns) the associate we were supposed to be working under and the first day went mainly in introductions.

Luckily, the Associate I was assigned, Mr. Debabrata Das, was an amazing mentor, calm and close to our age group, therefore he could understand whenever I was stuck on something and too adamant to admit. He guided me every step of the way.

Tip: Always wear black and white and carry a coat, you never know when you have to visit the court.

Work environment:

All the associates were always in a flurry, this very esteemed organisation gets a huge load of cases. My mentor used to give me case files and a lot of research work – mainly on Transfer of Property and SEBI.

After a few days when he started to see that I was actually interested in doing the work he assigned, he started giving me legal documents to draft- Succession documents mainly, and many other little documents.

Every day he used to ask me what I learned about the research I was assigned and quiz me on it. It kept me on my toes and thus I never slacked.

I stayed back till 6-7 PM almost everyday on my own free will. There was an option to leave early, there was no attendance register as such. But then the work was absolutely marvelous to pass up on.

Moreover, it was a treat to watch the senior counsels argue in court.

Tip: Ask for work, show your interest, be curious, ask questions.

Best things:

The interns I worked alongside with were a treat to work with, we helped each other if someone got stuck, if anyone needed an ear to crib about a bad day, we were listening and sometimes when court proceedings got boring, someone was there to try out the food joints.

Above all, Mr. Debabrata Das himself was an amazing mentor and the best advocate I have interned under till date.

Bad things:

The partners were extremely busy people and we did not get an opportunity to interact with them much.



Biggest lesson:

Curiosity and hard work actually pay off.

You’ll realize how happy you can get from that one nod from the Mentor you look up to.


Kolkata is my city, thus I obviously resided at my place. There are quite a few PG and Flat in Lake Town and Salt Lake.


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Disclaimer: Organisations should not influence interns to write internship experiences on Lawctopus. Neither should they make writing an internship experience on Lawctopus mandatory for the intern to get a certificate. Indulging in such practices will lead to the organization getting blacklisted from Lawctopus. In case of any such instance, interns are requested to inform at [email protected]


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