Internship Experience @ Foundation for Democratic Reforms, Hyderabad: File RTI’s, Research Work

Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Rachana K, SLS Pune, 3rd year,

Name of Organisation, Location, Team Strength

Foundation for Democratic Reforms, Hyderabad, 4-5.

Application Process

Its through email along with a CV and a write up on any 1 topic mentioned in their website.

Send it to or to the official id mentioned on the WEBSITE.

The reply is quite prompt.

Duration of internship and timings

November 22nd – December 19th (4 weeks).

Its a 6-day week internship.

Timings were from 10 – 6 pm.

You can leave early if you stay far from the office.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

I was introduced to all the staff and co-interns and informed about the kind of work on the 1st day.

An apartment has been made into an office which has enough room for every one to work.

Main tasks

Researching various public policies (on water, labour welfare,etc) and laws.

Also, interpreting certain acts and judgements and maybe field work where you are sent to survey people for furthering the research work.

Since I am a law student they were particular I got law-related work most of the times.

Work environment and people

The people are very friendly and helpful.

Fatima Ma’m who is the head of research is very particular that interns have a worthwhile time in FDR.

Best things

You get exposed to public policies and the way civic society functions and see how laws come into place.

During lunch all the co-interns discuss the current happenings over food which I found refreshing and enriching.

There are days when there may not be that much to do but there is always some work or assignment in hand.

Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan is the founder of FDR as well as the political party Lok Satta and meeting him once in a week or so and interacting him to discuss the current happenings and knowing his opinions was what all the interns looked forward to.

Bad things

Nothing really.


I wasn’t paid anything and I don’t know how their system works because the batch of interns who finished before me were paid Rs.7000!

Biggest Lessons

1. My research skills improved a lot.

2. I filed my first RTI thanks to FDR and went ahead and filed another one all by myself which actually feels nice!

Any Other Thing

I think 1st/2nd years should really intern here.

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