Internship Experience @ District Legal Service Authority, Bijnor: Learnt a lot about mediation

Name of Organisation, Location city

DLSA, Bijnor Uttar Pradesh

Application Process with contact details

The application process is easy, one has to send application with CV to the organization’s email id which is,

They are reluctant to reply on mail, so one has to contact the office of the secretary of DLSA personally to talk about the internship programme.

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I have directly contacted Mr. Dalip Kumar Sachhan, who was a very kind person, he granted me the internship.

Duration of internship and timings

My internship duration with the DLSA was from 03rd July 2018 to 18th July 2018.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

The DLSA office is located in the Bijnor District Court Complex. I was asked to report the office at sharp 10:30 am so that I can complete the formalities. The office of DLSA is a single room and ADR center is operated from another room. There was nothing called as infrastructure.

I met the Secretary of DLSA Bijnor, who gave me an introduction of the functions that the DLSA performs but since I was a law student I was asked to work with the ADR Center which facilitates Lok Adalats and Court-annexed Mediation.

Main tasks

As mentioned earlier, I was asked to work with the Mediation Center and Lok Adalat of the ADR Center. The main task was to participate in the Mediation proceedings and observe the working of the Lok Adalat forum. I spend most of the time of my internship at the Mediation Center.

The Secretary of DLSA asked to prepare a report on the merit, demerits, and suggestions for improvement in the working of these mechanisms. For this reason, I divided my working hours for Mediation and Court Proceedings, Jail and Juvenile Justice Board visit.

I was asked to read the Judgement, which gave guidelines for the Court-annexed Mediation process. I am a law student so I was already aware of the process of Mediation, but seeing the same in the real practice was a completely different experience.

For the initial few days, I observed the mediation proceedings and later was given the task to act as a counselor to the disputants and orient them about the merits of the Mediation.

I was also given the clerical work on the later stage where I used to attend the parties and sometimes even their lawyers and prepare their files for the proceedings. To get the papers signed by the office of the Secretary.

Work environment and people

The work environment was really friendly. The staff people were very cooperative and helpful to me.

Best things

This internship gave me a lot of exposure. My report which I was supposed to submit at the end of the internship was also appreciated by the secretary of the DLSA.

I learnt about Mediation and Lok Adalat and got a training in the new area of law which is Mediation.

Biggest Lessons

The “Law as Statue” & “Law as Process”, are two sides of the same coins. It can be understood only by being the part of that environment.

Office Timings

The office timings were completely on you to decide, the mediation center was operative only for two hours a day, and functions only five days a week.


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