Internship Experience @ District Court, Karnal [NCR]: Great Learning Experience, Stipend of Rs. 2000 {S}




District Court, Karnal

Application Process

I interned simply under a District court Advocate.


15 days

June 15, 2015-June 29,2015

First day

The first day was really fearful, but afterwards it was quite okay. Unforgettable experience.

Main tasks

Filing of a civil litigation, case studying, typing etc.

Court visit.

Work environment

Work environment was quite formal though I made it a little friendly.

Best things

Internship at a lower court is a must do thing for any law student. It is a great learning experience.

Provides with enormous practical exposure which would be quite perfect for law student.

It gave me a an unforgettable experience which was the best part.

Bad things

Pending cases in courts raise my eyebrows towards the slow functioning of Judicial system.


Rs 2000

Biggest Lessons

I learned the importance of lower courts which form a very integral part of the Indian Judicial system.

Got acquainted with the most basic legal cases from the grass root level. Smart handling of cases was the biggest chapter learnt.

Anything else?

This filled the thirst of knowledge by forming a base therein. Thus was a wonderful experience.


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