Internship Experience @ DH Law Associates, Delhi: A True Learning Experience

Intern Details


Office Location

The firm has two offices. The litigation office is in World Trade Centre, Barakhamba Road and the corporate office is in Signature Tower, Gurgaon.


I have interned with D.H. Law Associates for a period of one month i.e. from June 15 to July 15, 2016.

Application Process

The application process is really simple and straight. All you need to do is send your latest CV at [email protected]

You will be responded as soon as possible. They have their own protocols for selection process and limited seats. So, in order to be on safer side, try to send your CV at least two months in advance.

First impression, First day formalities, infrastructure

The firm has two separate offices: – one for litigation and the other for corporate. The corporate office is in Gurgaon. At the very first view, I was awestruck with the space and beauty of the office. The firm has whole floor of a commercial building.

In total, you will not be disappointed with the infrastructure of the Gurgaon office. I have done various other internship in most of the reputed firms and I can easily say that this firm has one of the best office among all.

The litigation office is in Barakhamba Road nearby to Patiala House Court, High Court and Supreme Court. The advantage of this is that you can attend the hearing at all these places if the matters listed on a given day. The office is not as big as its main office in Gurgaon but it has its own advantages.

Due to small office, you will be sitting in close proximity with the associates and senior associates.  The proximity proved as icebreaker which ultimately led to greater learning experience.  If you are looking for a career in litigation, this is a kind of office you are looking for.

After reaching office, I was treated very well by the office staff. I was told to sit and wait for sometimes. Later, all the interns were told to fill a personal detail form and a non-disclosure  form.  The interns were then introduced to the associates and partners and were assigned mentors for their duration of internship.  You can just sit with your laptop and start working on the assignment given by your mentor.

Office timing and work quality

The office follows a very flexible time schedule. However, you are expected to reach latest by 10 am. The associates are quite chill about timings but you should not take it for granted. They never said a word when I was late for three days but was later reprimanded one day for being late.  The office finishes at around 6:30 pm. The good part is that Saturday and Sunday are non-working.

The firm is very professional in their approach towards its interns because they see each intern as their potential recruit. You will be basically involved in research and drafting in which drafting will form a major portions. All of the legal firm look drafting as an indispensable skill and if you can master it during your periods of internship then you will be looking at a very comfortable professional life in future.

They make you draft notices, plaints, written statements, rejoinders, applications, amendments etc. The positive part of this firm is that even you lack these skills then they will help you build it. As told earlier, they see every intern as a potential recruit. They will teach you as much as possible but it also depends on how faster you grasp these things and learn. They will teach not spoon food you.

One of best moments of my internship was on my third day. One of the associates gave me research work on a random issue. A bit later, one of his colleague came and asked me what I am working on. I told him and he got really angry over it. I was told by him to always ask for case file on which you are working on.

It will help you to understand the context of research and how you can contribute on cracking that case. He said “ You are here to become an advocate not a para legal employee. Anyone can google a case but you must learn why this case.”  It was a great learning experience for me.

The firm has all kind of matters and is distributed between litigation and corporate branches. You will get to work in both of them. If you want to work even in any particular then you can politely make your request.


1. I was treated with respect and will be given good work wherein my contribution was appreciated. I have worked in various firms where I was asked to do random research. I had no idea whether it was actually helpful or not. In this firm, there will be a good discussion with your mentor about research and if done in a good manner, then you maybe given a chance to draft your portion for the actual application and will be attached in the final draft. Isn’t this exciting?

2. Respectful mentors and their encouragement

I knew nothing about drafting before this internship. All my fellow knaew something. However, I was never neglected. I was taught things, my work was reviewed until I attain my best. During discussion after my submission of work, the associate used to treat me professionally. My mistakes were highlighted in a very formal discussion which I actually enjoyed.

3. No dearth of work

In my whole internship, there was not even a single day where I was not busy. There was always some quality work. It does not mean that I had never enjoyed my break. I was given proper amount of break where I could relax.

4. Cool hangout places nearby

The office is really close to Connaught Place where we used to go during our breaks. Most of the times, after our internship we used to hangout in CP. All the other famous places like Lajpat Nagar, Nehru Place etc. are really nearby.


The only problem which I faced during my internship was that I was told about which office I have to go on a particular day only a day in advance. I used to spend my time juggling between Gurgaon office and Barakhamba office.

However, this also can be easily be resolved by making a clear decision on the very first day. If you are interested in litigation, then you will spend most of your internship in Barakhamba office otherwise in Gurgaon office.


Although there are no stipend per say, but the firm bears your cost of travelling and other miscellaneous activities.


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